Small and/or WAF builds using the Denovo stuff

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  1. Hi, are the WAF2.y's finished yet as far as a crossover design? A WAF2.y MTM would be excellent too. You also mentioned an 8" design.
    thanks much,
  2. Hi Nikkoluvr,

    The WAF-2.y is ready to go. That cross over is done. A WAF-2.y MTM eh... Interesting. I'll play with the idea and post it up if it works. I won't be able to test it though. To many other things to do. Just a quick sim based on the MT maybe.

    Yes, there is still an 8" design coming. I moved away from these WAF builds for a while to work on SEOS stuff. But I do have an Eminence Alpha8a / DNA-150 / DW-854B coming. Here is the test mule:


    It doesn't look like much in that photo. But should look ok in a proper cab.
  3. Just wanted to mention that I have the 8" eminence alpha design in the bag. Just have to post up the measurements. Has a nice F3 to match a sub, even sealed. It's really good for the money. Very well rounded, so I called it Jack of All Trades 8.
  4. Excellent! this "jack of all trades" looks like a fun little build. I sure know what being behind on stuff is like. The ideas come about 5 times faster than I can get anything done. Thanks for all the work on these Tuxedocivic, much appreciated.
  5. Here's a teaser. I'm helping a buddy build four Jack of All Trades. He'll post a build link somewhere, which I will insert a link to.
  6. Oh awesome. Glad to see interest in that build. Thanks for sharing :)
  7. Thanks for logging your build nube. 8)
  8. Where are the plans for the Jack of All Trades?
  9. Post #5 on the first page.
  10. I must be missing it. I am a noob at DIY speakers. I am looking for design info for mdf cut sheets, dimensions and info for front baffle and layout for xover.
  11. Ah, I see what you mean. There's no cut sheet. The XO schematic is there, but no detailed layout. Are you able to read a schematic? As for the baffle, that's there.

    This isn't a kit or anything. I just did it for fun and because I thought the Alpha 8 had some qualities worth trying out.
  12. I'm a complete noob and I've never built my own xover so I would need a design. Also I have never made my own baffle so any design help you can offer on that is helpful. I'm debating about using 4 Jack of all trades for my surrounds abd 3 fusion Pures for my lcr in my 500 sq ft dedicated theater.
  13. Ah, I see. Well I don't have a picture of the XO. The cabinet is pretty straight forward though. The baffle size is on the first page. The woofer and waveguide/tweeter fit centered on that. The depth is 10 to 14" or what ever you can spare. What specifically are you unsure about.
  14. I would think the crossover is tuned to the equip and the box so shouldn't the size being exact be important? Does anyone have a picture of the xover for these? How do you think these would perform as side and rear surrounds?
  15. It's carefully tuned to the drivers. But the box size can change without any issue. Especially being sealed it's particularly flexible on box size.

    You should PM nube. He built these and seems to have a very keen ear. His review was very honest and detailed. Not just, "yay, these are awesome". He's a helpful guy.

    For surrounds I would think they are a great choice unless you really need things packaged up in a kit. The name is on purpose, they get the cost / size/ sound relationship nicely rounded out. If you're on a budget they're hard to beat. They go to theatre levels at less than 10 feet and hit that important 80hz cross over frequency. Most box store speakers will distort painfully or use up your amp power before these come close to struggling. BUT.... I'm not gonna pretend they're the be all end all. They're $95 a pop last I checked, so they're only so good. They're the Jack of All Trades ;)

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