SOLD - x 4 DIYSG Volt 10 Kits; ATMOS packs, x2 assembled xovers,

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    All items sold. Thanks for everyone's interest.

    Selling four of the DIYSG's Volt 10s kits... all NIB

    All are $120 per pair, plus shipping.

    • Two are LX kits from 2015. The crossovers were assembled by DIYSG.

    • Two are the 2018 version of the kits, and do include the 400 uF cap for the Atmos option. One of the caps lost part of a lead and would need vertical mounting to use it. No big deal and they are $5.83 at Parts Express if you want that lead length back during your assembly. I DO have the crossover boards as a part of this kit.

    I can ship these kits at your expense and Payment is by PayPal.

    • For local pick only up in Sacramento, CA - I also have several 4-6 Atmos flat packs.
    Please PM if interested.

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