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    This thread is to keep people updated on when speaker kits will be put back in stock. I've considered setting up a preorder for some kits like the 1099, but not sure if I should do that or not yet.

    Earlier this year many manufacturers and non-essential businesses were forced to shut down for 1-2 months due to the Covid-19 virus. This has caused production backlogs and has made it harder to keep some speaker kits in stock. For example, the Anarchy woofers were ordered mid December last year and came in 9.5 months later. Below is a general idea on what kits are currently waiting for parts and an approximate guess for when they will be available again.

    October 19, 2020:

    1099 speakers: Waiting for the midranges to get here. I was told they would be here at the end of the month or first week of November. Circuit board quantity is low but more have been ordered. I do have about 15 preassembled crossovers.

    1299: This kit was going to be reworked with the compression driver from the 1099. The designer has been very busy this year and still working on it.

    Volt-6: Woofers have been ordered and I was told it could be another 6-7 weeks before they are complete.

    Volt-8: Same as the Volt-6. Not sure if all crossover parts are available.

    Volt-10: Waiting for a capacitor that should be in stock next week.

    HTM-12: Waiting for a capacitor. Flat packs are supposed to be here next week.

    HT-12: Flat packs are supposed to be here next week.

    HT-10: Waiting on front panels.

    HT-8: Pretty sure I just received some of the needed crossover parts for these over the weekend.

    HT-88: This is a dual woofer center channel. Not completed yet, maybe by the end of the year.

    Titan-615: Only about six 15" woofers left. The woofer is pretty expensive and uses a custom part that Eminence no longer stocks and must be ordered in. Because of that the minimum order quantity has gone up and I haven't decided if I should get more of them because the price is very close to the Titan-818.

    Titan-818: Waiting on horn brackets that should be here this week. Not sure how this very large kit will be packaged or shipped yet and it might need a custom shipping box. Once I get the brackets I'll try to prepackage everything.

    Vortex-12 and 15: I've been incredibly surprised at how few of these kits were built. Likely the best sounding high output speakers we've had, but ordered less than any kits we've had since starting the site. I'll be racking these up as an unexpected loss very soon and the Vortex-15 will be on clearance at a loss. I need to check my stock of compression drivers that go with these. I have ordered more of the compression drivers, but not sure when they will be here.

    Overnight Sensations: Woofer is out of stock until at least the end of the month.

    S2000 MT and MTM: I just got more parts in for these and they will go in stock this week.

    Apollo MT and MTM: Waiting on inductors that should be here next week.

    Helix MT and MTM: A couple months ago I was told the tweeters would be out of stock for months. I'll double check and see if they've come in and will update this page.

    Additional Information-

    All of the HT models use the same compression driver. I ordered more of them in June and was told they will be here the first week of November. I'm mentioning this because even though I might get the HT-12 parts in stock, if the HT-8 kits end up selling and using the remaining compression drivers, all those kits will be down until the next run of drivers gets here in November.

    For at least a few months the HT's and HTM-12 will only be available with flat packs. That's how 95% of them get ordered, so that's how I am going to prepackage them for right now.

    A new custom woofer has been ordered for the 893 kit. This model will eventually be redone, but I'm not exactly sure when.
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  2. Will you still be selling SEOS12 and SEOS15 waveguides by themselves? I see people talk about them on various forums but the consensus is that they are very hard to find. I'm currently looking for a couple pairs for myself.
  3. If one already has the drivers is it possible to purchase the bare crossover boards or even the assembled ones??

    I have the drivers for the Apollo MR and the Ion-4 Plus but no crossovers for them.
  4. Thanks for the update Erich! It's a pity about the Vortexes. If it's any consolation I planned on buying a pair once I got the rest of my ht setup squared away.
  5. Volt-6 still exists? I thought the woofer was discontinued by Eminence or is it not a Beta-6CX?
  6. Goofy question, but where is the Vortexes on the website? I don't see them now and I can't remember the last time I saw them listed.
  7. Great news! Thank you for sharing!
  8. Everyone who’s posted a build thread on the Vortex-15 loves them. Anytime is see a diyaudio thread lamenting the lack of good coaxial drivers or asking for suggestions for some, I chime in regarding the DIYSG vortex offerings and post measurements. The response is always positive (“superb” was one response), why that’s not translating into sales is troublesome.

    The lack of a flatpack stalled my decision to purchase some considerably. But given the lack of sales, I don’t think I could successfully argue that throwing money at flatpacks would help the Vortex’s fly off the shelves.

    Something is just not clicking. There’s people interested in them but those people aren’t getting trafficked to your site. A lot of the DIYSG folks are “home-theater first” and I think the Vortex line is too unconventional to check all the HT boxes.

    Before you take a bath on them, maybe make it clear on the DIYSG website that the Vortex-15 is your flag-ship, no holds barred home audio speaker. It has all the capabilities of the Fusion-12, Fusion-15 and 88-Specials but with the bonus of being a point source; it also has superior measurements to any and all of the Volt designs.

    My own plan is to make my Vortex’s be part of an 1960s Abbey Road-style system; large cabinets for the drivers and powered by tube amplifiers (google Lockwood enclosure for Tannoy gold 15s). I’m trying to design a transmission-line style enclosure for them and will gladly share the design freely. I just haven’t had the time to get to it but I am already buying components for the setup.

    I would be willing to pay someone to draw up a CAD file and then send it to you Erich to share it on the website. Would that help?
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  9. Lack of flatpack and the fact was HTM was known shallow. Having played with the Volts I must say I really enjoy the concentric speaker point source. Unfortunately I don't have any reason to make a pair at this point because I'd love to whip off some of these.
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    This. I can't wait to order two of the 15" version, and I was also checking out the Tannoy boxes for these. That said, any flatpack would be sweet.
  11. Hi Erich, I see that the S2000 MTs are in stock. How close are you to having the MTMs ready to go? I'm assuming it's a different crossover part you're waiting on?

  12. I'm awaiting the 818, I'd love to go ahead and order them. I will be underway and out of connectivity for the next several weeks. Let me know if you're open to a preorder.
  13. I'm excited about the HT kits getting close. I got approval in September to build out a new LCR setup and that's right when everything went out of stock. Likely HT-8 or HT-10 L/R and trending towards HT-8 as a center channel, since the HTM-1010 wasn't going to be a great fit.

    Anything more you can share about the HT-88? Design goals, how it fits in the HT lineup, that sort of thing? I still need to choose a center channel.
  14. Deeply saddened by the discontinuation of the vortex 15, as they’re very impressive in the towers I slapped together. I’m in for at least one more kit to make a matching center, and I’ll try to talk my friends into doing it too.

    Really, people, these are incredible sounding speakers.
  15. I too am unhappy about the discontinuation of the Vortex line. I'm building a new house and really want my theater front sound stage to be Vortex 15's .
  16. Did I miss the HT-8/10/12 availability? Saw a post about ordering recently.
  17. Believe so. There were some ht10 and ht12 available yesterday.
  18. Dang. Aiming for HT8's but would have done 10's.
  19. Hi Erich, when you have the time could you please provide a stock update? I am wondering if speakers I am interested in have come in stock and gone back out of stock already.

    From emails/phone calls/forum posts, do you have an idea of what demand is for your various kits? With the parts coming in stock over the next weeks, months, is it likely to meet that demand?

    If you are open to suggestions, I am totally supportive of the ideas of some type of pre-order or wait list or group buy or deposit scenario to try and work through your outstanding demand or help forecast what you need. I don't know of any good way to manage that, if it is easy to do through your web store or if you would have to do it manually (ugh).

    If done manually, I could manage the wait lists! Oh look at that, my name is at the front of everything I am looking for? Good for me I suppose :)
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  20. I will update the inventory list tonight. I just got an email from Celestion on Thursday saying the 1099 midranges are now expected in "1-2 weeks". Yesterday I got an email from Eminence saying they were still behind on manufacturing and to expect an extra 2 weeks over the normal times for production.

    I will probably try to set up a preorder for at least the 1099 because I think I've got plenty of everything here except those midranges that should be here soon.
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    Did the recent batch of HTM-12's use up the waveguides for the other HT models? (not sure if I missed the HT's coming in stock) I'll be the first to prepay / waitlist for the HT models.

    Edit: Would also like to go on a Volt waitlist / prepay if available
  22. Hold on, there was a recent batch of HTM12s? I've been checking nearly every day for them to come in stock...
  23. You do realize that the HT-10 full kit is showing in stock right now, right? HT-12 is as well if you're on a deadline and willing to get them instead of the HTM-12.
  24. I'd just like to echo that the Vortex flop is truly a shame. I'm humbled by the work Erich put into the project. They are really special speakers and there's nothing quite like them available to DIYers.

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