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  1. The Vortex-12 is back up!
  2. Gone!

    And it isn't looking good for the 1099's........

    The woofer used is now in the clearance section, and that may also be the midrange listed there too.

    Would be a shame if that is the end of the 1099.
  3. @Matt Grant @Erich H
    If there is NO CHANCE of making another run for Vortex 15" - will the crossover from the Vortex 15 work with the speaker and CD mentioned above? If so, I will stop bugging @Erich H about extra Vortex 15"s lying around the shop every time I order (which is quite often due to the availability - Buy now and "figure out if i really need it" later).
  4. No those drivers above are both different, I just used them as the pricing is roughly equivalent.

    The CDX1-1731 is what's used in the Vortex (threaded model), Parts Express doesn't seem to carry it anymore.

    The Eminence coaxial they carry has a different cone and voice coil, so there are differences in the frequency response and T/S specs.

    Basically it won't work as a direct replacement.
  5. After about a year of watching, I finally got my 1099's! They are back in stock on the website now.
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  6. You are my hero! Your post sent me an update email and I just ordered mine!!!

    Now to justify to the wife....
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  7. Been in the same boat. Just ordered 3 before they disappear!
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  8. Had to do the same thing with my wife. I bought a gift card to her favorite spa at the same time.
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  9. You're freaking people out on the 1099's. :)

    They aren't going anywhere. The 10" woofers you see in the Closeout section are B-stock woofers......it's mentioned on their product page.

    The midranges you see aren't for the 1099, those were used in the old 893.......it's mentioned on their product page.

    How do you feel right now?
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  10. As for making more Vortex kits, it would probably require some type of group buy. When they were at their original price, pretty much none sold. Matt and I were kind of surprised so I marked them down a bit to get a few out there but only about 6 were ordered. After 2 years I decided to just clearance them at a loss and move on. There's a market for cheap speakers and a market for expensive fully assembled speakers, but hitting somewhere in the middle for kits seems to fall flat. The old Maximus-12 was the same way. One of my favorite speakers, but at $550 they just didn't get ordered hardly at all.

    As for all the other kits that are currently out of stock, it's mainly due to the inductors. Only 2 companies in the US sell them and they've been out of stock for months, some for over 6 months!. We're currently looking for a back up manufacturer for those so this kind of thing doesn't happen in the future.
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  11. The Vortex 15 sounds so good though, it's a shame they didn't catch on. I understand though, you can't spend a bunch of money and have the product just sitting on a shelf.
  12. I second the vortex. These are the best dual duty speakers I’ve owned. In my experience of music to movies spectrum - I’ve had b&w 7 series, RAAL ribbon on the music and the htm12 on the other end. Vortex falls in between nicely. It gets louder than the music speakers and not as dry sound as the htm12 s. I was hesitant to get them when they came out initially because of lack of reviews. Also, there was a YouTuber in my Facebook group who thumbs down any coaxial (he pretty much killed the volts speakers) - I learned my lesson to take anyone’s opinion with a grain of salt specifically if they never had a chance to listen.
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  13. I purchased a dozen of the Vortex-12s to future-proof my theater. I have the Volt-10s and love them also. It`s funny about the youtube guy, he crapped on the Volt, but I think they sound much better than the Klipsch RP280F they replaced.
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  14. Can we expect more 1099's soon? I must have just missed them on Friday because I was checking around lunch time. Saw the update for the flat packs and boards but the speakers were gone I guess :(
  15. @Erich H
    Any updates on port flares for the Kuda 18 cabinets? I emailed you a couple times on Friday. Just hoping I can get something progressing. I have drivers sitting on the floor of my theater room needing boxes..
  16. I'm waiting on Kuda 18 to come back into stock as well. Tempted to just pick up the Cube 18 as they seem to perform similarly, but like the aesthetics on the Kuda more. If there were a timeframe on these, that would be excellent, but if not, no worries. Thank you for your great work @Erich H !
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  17. Terrible!
    Sorry about that.

    Keep those Elusive 1099's going, even if the price has to go up.
    I finally have my trio up and running, they are fantastic!
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  18. ORDER PLACED !!!!!!
    Can't wait to get my grubby little paws on 6 Kuda 18's.
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  19. I'd be in for a Vortex-15 group buy. x 3....I know....but a guy can dream.
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  20. I jumped on this forum just to say I'd be interested in a group buy for the Vortex 15s and/or 12s if there is one. I don't frequent forums much, but if you need to add a name to the list to make a group buy happen, please message me and I'll join in.

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