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  1. Guys, I will try to get a page up on the site for preordering the 1099's in a day or so that way we don't have to make lists here and it will be easier to track. I need to get a definitive answer from Celestion on the midranges to be sure. I was told last week "they will be in the US in 1-2 weeks".
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  2. Thanks for the update, Erich--this is super helpful.

    Were you ever able to get any further indication on timelines for the Helix?
  3. Thanks for the updates Erich. Any luck getting everything in for the Titan 818s? If packaging hasn't been figured out yet I'm only a few hours away if pickup is an option.
  4. 1099: Today I heard from Celestion and they told me the midranges are definitely going to be in the USA next week so I'll be getting the 1099 preorder page up this evening. I'm not going to put all of them up on the site at the same time because I don't know what the demand is right now. I do have some assembled crossovers, but I think it's only about 6-9. More can be made up if needed. If you miss the preorder, just contact me later and I'll check my stock of crossover parts.

    HTM-12: Still waiting on a capacitor to come back in stock at Parts Express but it should be here sometime next week.

    Helix: I believe the tweeters are back in stock so I'll be able to order those next week as well.

    S2000: Still waiting on some crossover parts that should be here in 1.5 weeks.

    Overnight Sensations: Missing crossover part should be in stack at Parts Express December 02.

    Volt-6 and Volt-8: I got an email from Eminence early this week saying they have been very busy catching up from the earlier Covid shut down and are running about 2.5 weeks behind at this point. So I think that means the woofers for these two models probably won't show up until early December.

    Titan-615: The custom 15" woofer uses a part that Eminence no longer stocks so the minimum order they require has increased by a decent amount. Another run of these would be 10's of thousands of dollars so I'm still debating if they should be done.

    Titan-818: I now have the brackets for the horn. Everything else has been here for months, so early next week I'll try to package up two kits and see how it works out. If I don't need any custom packaging I should have these up on the site in a couple weeks.
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  5. Thanks Erich! Uh, so if you don't mind, you should post how many pre-orders you got for the 1099. Were there 50 other crazy people alongside me waiting to build their front stage?
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    I would hold off on the Titan-615. The sentiment seems to be why get the 615 when the 818 will be here soon, so I suspect the 615 will become the new Vortex-12. Titans seem to be about glorious excess, and anybody who wants something merely unreasonable is buying the HTM-12 anyway. Second biggest glorious excess isn't something I see you being to move enough numbers of to justify plunking down a lot of capital up front and then have to clearance them out 3 years down the road.

    Since it sounds like the 615 and 818 would have to be fairly close in price anyway then all the above is even more apt.

    Edit: ...and the pre-order exists. You really want to clarify if the $200 is just money up front with the rest expected at time of final order. I assume that's the case but right now it reads like the pre-order price is the final price. I'm sure that's not what you've intended, but people are stupid and feel entitled to send flaming emails.
  7. HTM-12: Waiting for a capacitor. Flat packs are supposed to be here next week.

    HT-12: Flat packs are supposed to be here next week.

    HT-10: Waiting on front panels.

    Was there any update on these guys? Thanks for any info you can provide.
  8. Will the volt-10 be available in anything other than with the angle flat pack?
  9. Unlikely. An issue Erich has is that the cabinet shop that CNCs the flat packs requires certain minimum order sizes too provide a run after the initial trial run. It's just too costly for them to reconfigure for small runs as they're set up for producing volume, and as it is the volume that Erichn is buying is pretty small for that shop at it is.

    It's further complicated by then having to have separate pallets of different flat packs. Erich like to pre-pack the kits so they're ready to go, repeating the same operation (packing a kit) over and over is a more efficient and likely accurate operation. The best result is that a different option effectively it becomes another entire product.

    When production constraints are things like individual capacitors he's not gonna have a bunch of rarely purchased Atmos kits sitting around packed in boxes and ready to go when the angled packs are out of stock and people are asking for them. And he's definitely not going to start robbing assembled kits for capacitors.

    So until his various Covid caused constraints go away I would assume that we'll only see the most popular configuration and that's it. For the HT/HTM that means the full kit only, for the Volt that means the angled pack kit. I don't think we'll see Volts as the base kit either as that has a different front baffle, and would be another segregated pallet of stuff.

    Don't forget, on top of scrambling to get custom made parts or individual componants that are out of stock for months and months which holds up sometimes several kits, Erich is also doing this all himself so it's not like he has the spare time to CNC small runs off unpopular kits on as as needed basis.

  10. I have the HTM-12 flat packs and I was able to get parts for about 10 kits a couple weeks ago but Parts Express is out of a capacitor that's supposed to be here in a couple days.

    I'm working on HT-10's this week.
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  11. There are a decent number of people waiting for that kit but I only put the ones in stock that I am 100% sure will be available when the midranges are here. One crossover part that's been out of stock for a while is the 1.0mH inductor. PE carries a couple brands, but both are out of stock and their site says they should be here December 02. Sometimes that date gets extended a bit so I don't want to put more 1099's on the site until I have those parts.

    The good thing is that it looks like a lot of crossover parts are coming in at Parts Express in the first week of December so that will help.
  12. The cabinet company that cuts all of the flat packs got two big contracts with local hospitals opening up new floors and needing lots of new cabinetry. More Covid stuff I guess. So they're also behind on cutting some of our stuff. At some point everything will be back in stock but getting exact dates has been difficult.
  13. How do we go about ordering the titans volts or vortex lines???
    I've sent you an email but didnt want to bug you Erich i know you've got alot on your plate
  14. Makes sense..thanks for the update Erich. I went ahead and just ordered the angle kits as I can make them work. Keep up the great work.
  15. The Volt-10 with angle packs are in stock on the web page.
  16. Thanks for the update Erich, As per my email I'll take what you have in stock and I can work with you regarding the capacitors. Im only gonna have one shipping window for December so it would be awesome to have them then.

  17. I'll probably be buying two of the HTM-12 kits when they come back in stock.

    Any possibility of the 15" Kuda flat pack coming back in stock? I've been sitting on two of the Buyout 15 subs until I was ready to go on the HTMs and will now need cabinets for them. I can make them myself, but flat packs would be even better.
  18. im really wanting to build the 1099 kit, im in vernon canada. i would need everything included with the kit, including a premade crossover, upgraded caps, etc. i want to do it right the first time. Any idea on when i can order this?
  19. Are there any details available on how to preorder the 1099s as well as confirmation on the price?

    I’m looking for LRC, and intend to pickup the Flatpacks and Boards as well.

    I’ve been excited to build these, but have not gotten any responses from sent messages from the diysg site.
  20. I live in Vernon BC too! I just want a centre though.
    Stock came up for pre-orders and sold out crazy fast, I check twice a day and missed the pre-order.

    I did however order the flatpack and board so I can assemble and paint while I wait for speakers to come in stock....hopefully

    You need to have a forward shipper as they will only ship inside the US. I am using "Cross Border Pick Ups" but I have never used them before but am trying them out.
  21. The only speculation I can think of is that when people think of large, high-end install speakers they think of big multi-driver components that are as visually intimidating as they are acoustically. The presence on those feels like a subwoofer and the cabinets have a lot of big slabs of whitespace. I heard a lot less about them compared to other offerings and I think I scrolled on by a few times thinking they were basic. Visually, they aren't something you want to take the fabric fronts off of to wow your non-audiophile friends. None of this makes them "bad".

    If those were supposed to be flagship, I never understood them as such. There are many different lines on the site and it's confusing to browse it "off the street" and know what is right for me using anything other than price and size.
    Consumers are used to most brands having tiered lines and they know if they want the "compact room silver line" or the "larger room titanium line". They also have little understanding of coaxials. I bet a noob poll would come back with a lot of people thinking it was done for space savings as some kind of compromise. That makes them sound advantageous in something small like the volt (more speaker in a compact space.) vs the vortex (but... waveguides or independent tweeters look cool).

    So? If the vortex is something you're particularly proud of and impressed with? Maybe don't give up quite yet. Solve for above first. Get some graphics for the page. Draw attention to the benefits of coaxial at the top of the page. Find some way to make a very understated speaker appear flashy to buyers. Make builds more prominent, maybe have customer submitted images or a builds showcase on the site?

    I went to order some volts around the beginning of the zombie pandemic. They disappeared off your site. You have some speakers that show as OOS on the site and some that you pulled the entry. After checking a couple of times every few months I thought you might have discontinued the smaller volts! I am glad to see that wasn't the case. Having some OOS listings and others pulled from the site can be confusing.

    I wonder if it would be possible to subscribe and do a stock notification?

    I built some HTM-10's before those went away and I want to build upfiring atmos pairs to go on top, some new rear surrounds.

    I would probably pay up and be just fine to get on a waitlist too for some.
  22. I agree to the wait list idea. I'd be signing up for 3 ht10s and 6-8 volt 6s depending on the price. Been checking twice daily. I don't even need or want flat packs.
  23. Is everything normally perpetually out of stock or is this another Covid thing?

    I also wouldn't be opposed to preordering/prepaying assuming there was an est ship date and if the date is missed an option to refund the preorder.
  24. It's a covid thing, it's not normally like this.

    Same here.
  25. Definitely COVID. Lots of manufacturers shut down for a few months, and are still running below capacity, so getting parts has apparently been very challenging. Think he's been waiting on parts for some of these basically since COVID started.

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