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  1. The price is their normal price listed on the 1099 page. The Preorder was a down payment on the kit. I'm hoping to get the midranges this week because everything else is here already.

    If you didn't get an email reply, check your spam folder.
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  2. Hi Erich

    Are you planning on offering a new version of the 893s you once had?

  3. I've ordered some custom 8" woofers that could be used in a new 893 kit but I'm not sure when the designer will have time to go back through that model.
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  4. Hi, I'm new here - my research on home theater speakers has led me here due to the great things I've heard about DIYSG.com.

    I know you're probably receiving a lot of these questions, but any idea as to when we might see HT-8s (either flatpack or non-flatpack) return to stock? I would only be purchasing 2 units (L+R). Thanks.
  5. Is there any way I could put in a reservation for three Vortex 15's?
  6. Was there ever flat packs for these?
  7. Erich any updates on the Titan & Volt lineup??
  8. I can’t believe I missed the Volts in stock. Dang.
  9. Hi Erich
    I'm looking to do a 7.1.4 set-up. Originally I thought HTM12s up front, but I think now I'm thinking 1099s instead. Would Volt10s work well for the other 8 speakers?
    Would you ship to England (no flat pack - I'll build those myself)?
    Thanks in advance.
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    The general consensus is that 1099 is better if you listen more to music, HTM for home theater duty. HTM is also shallower if you need or want that. For surrounds the HT line are the better speaker than Volts if your situation allows for their use.

    None of these are "bad", it's just a question of what's best for your particular situation. You can take any of these to a friend's house, plug them in, tell them what you paid, and the make them immediately regret their life choices.

    HTs only have wide dispersion horizontally, not much vertically. They can only give great coverage to multiple seats if they're within the path of the SEOS waveguide. After about 15° above and below it before things start to fall off.

    Meanwhile Volts have radial dispersion so they're good for covering multiple seats in multiple rows with a cone-like pattern as opposed to an arc.

    If you have the spacing to put your surrounds mounted at ear level than HT is the way to go. If you need surrounds mounted high and angled down then Volts. Any ceiling speakers will probably be Volts no matter what.

    I'm assuming you're planning on multiple rows. If your just doing one row then you could mount the SEOS sideways so the dispersion pattern covers the whole row.

    Me? I've settled on HTM up front and then Volts everywhere else. I'm in here waiting for Volt-6s to come back into stock.
  11. Interesting, thanks Paul. I could *probably* mount 3 of the surrounds at ear level, but not all four (doorway). What would the best compromise be in that instance do you think, HTs (with one angled down) or Volts?
  12. Can you have just the rear surrounds as Volts angled down and the sides as HTs at ear level? You want symmetry if at all possible.
  13. Understood. Hmmm, I'll have to give this more though obviously! Thanks for your advice.
  14. What’s the minimum height that you would mount the angled Volt10s for surrounds? Am I better off with the HT12s if they aren’t near the ceiling?
  15. ^^ furthermore, it looks like the HT10s can be mounted in IB, or in-wall, is that right?
  16. Any update for the Titan 818s?
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  17. Just checking in on the inventory updates. Will the 1099s be available again soon?
  18. Curious of this myself. I was looking to order a set of Titans in the coming month.
  19. Erich said over on AVSForum "Volt-6 woofers were finally manufactured last week and I picked them up on Thursday."
  20. Sweeeeetttt!
  21. Erich - what about volt 8's?
  22. Please let us know something on these erich and maybe the ht line and volt10
  23. Erich Any update on the HT-8 Thanks.
  24. Website looks to be down!
  25. Hopefully the website is down for updates and new/ more inventory!

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