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  1. Erich, I’ve been trying to find out the depth of the speakers in the HT-8 to see if I can fit them in my 6” deep columns - can you please provide that information?

    Also, what’s the latest on future HT-10 and 8 availability?

  2. The SEOS-10 + compression driver in the HT-8 is ~5.25" deep overall, however you will want some clearance behind the compression driver for the input wires as the terminals are on the rear side of the driver and are quick connect style.

  3. Is that shallower than any of the Volts?
  4. That's good news - thanks!
  5. I got my hands (in a roundabout way) on a pair of the Eminence Lab 15 buyouts you offered awhile back. Do you expect the Kuda packs to be back in stock? Want to build ported boxes, and that's my favorite.
  6. Only the Volt-10, the Volt-8 and Volt-6 are both more shallow then that.
  7. 1099 midranges just came in 30 minutes ago. Time to get those kits finalized.
  8. Sweet!
    Does this mean if and when the website comes in there will be 1099 stock or is this just for the lucky dudes that got their pre-order in?

  9. Is there any availability for the Titans in the near future? Last I saw you had everything in, but still needed to figure out packaging.
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  10. Site seems back up any update on the Ht-8? Thanks.
  11. Great to the see site back up. Any update on the Apollo 7 MTM?
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  12. Any update on ht-10s?
  13. Id also like to know about the titans and the ht8/ ht10

    Just fyi the site is still down for me
  14. Try clearing your cache. Mine worked only after I did that.
  15. Just to clarify, the HT-8 would require a deeper cabinet than the Volt-6? How much is the difference? Less than an inch? All my surrounds are going to be placed at ear level - according to some posts I've read, the HT's sound better than the volts as long as their ear level...?

  16. Worked for me after clearing cache too
  17. I'm in for a pair of S2000 when stock is added to the site!
  18. Been waiting to get 3 HT-12s for a while now but never see them. Plus never any volt kits either.
  19. They used to be available all the time, I think these are the side effects of the virus. Hopefully business will return to normal before too long.
  20. Both HT-12 and HTM-12 were in stock on different dates this month, but you have to watch closely. They both sold out within 2-4 days.
  21. For the folks who were able to pre-order 1099s, there is now a link to complete the other half of your purchase on the diysoundgroup website. Maybe it has been there for a few days, but I noticed it today.
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  22. Is there any way to get to the speakers that aren’t on the site anymore? Those pages had valuable information, would be nice to still be able to see them.
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    From the page:
    "Victory Level
    I'm finally going to get an Elusive 1099! "
  24. Not able to return that in the search :)
    Congrats on the 1099s though.
  25. The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has snapshots of the site at various points in time. Pick one close to when a speaker was available and you can find the info on it.

    I tried to link it but it was flagged as spam. Google "wayback machine" and you'll find it.

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