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  1. I've not seen them get stocked yet and I've been checking far too frequently for my sanity.
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    Erich noted on the 29th that he will update here so just have to check here for the update!
    ".... finally start putting the Volt-6, Volt-8, and other kits back in stock and update this thread. Compression drivers for more HT-8/10/12 kits finally came in as well."

    Grab Distill.io via a Chrome extension and run it on your personal PC so you can be notified of page changes (stock, price..etc)
    Then you can save your F5 button!

    Just have to have your PC on and running as this is a local program, you have to pay if you want to use servers and turn your PC off.
  3. Thanks for the replies! And thanks @StereoDuder for the Distill.io tip. Installed and monitoring
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  4. If you guys could stop monitoring maybe I could buy my speakers! Haha.
  5. So there's now a bunch of different configurations of Volt kits listed, like previously then angled 6 wasn't there before and now it is. Erich, which ones will be getting stocked?
  6. Volts are in stock. Just picked up 4 Volt 10s. Volt 6/8/10 with flat packs are showing available as of this time stamp.
  7. What about without flat packs? It seems odd that you can't buy then without
  8. With only. I think that is the more popular option with most people, and simplifies Erich's stock keeping since they sell out so fast. I may be discarding my Volt 10 flatpacks, just reuse the baffle. Haven't decided whether they will be my atmos or surround. If surround, they would be mounted high, so may skip atmos. So not sure.
  9. I tried to buy some volt 6s, I trying to get 4, but can only get two. I would like to buy 4 at one time, rather than buy two now and hopefully 2 more come in later
  10. Same. I ended up buying the two as I needed two for new speakers and two to replace older ones--will keep the older ones going for a while.

    Wonder if he capping the qty folks can order. Understandable if things selling out this quickly.
  11. I hope not. I need to order all together, as I need them posted internationally, and it'll cost a fortune if I need to keep sending 2 at a time.
  12. I did send diysg an email and an email reply from erich was that he was waiting for more crossover parts from Parts Express. I just asked about volt 6s. Not sure on any other speaker line.
  13. Curious about the state of the Titian 818 launch, i'm standing by to order 3. I'd just like to know if they could be expected this quarter
  14. Any news on the Ht-8's Been checking multiple times a day since May.
  15. Any news on the HT-10's? They are the last piece of my 5.2.2 dedicated theater. Hopefully they will return soon.
  16. This is the reply I got from Erich today:

    Not sure when the HT-8's will be ready. I got some parts in a couple
    days ago but not sure if the needed resistors are in the package or not
  17. I think there will be high demand on the HT-8's....
  18. They seem to be the de-facto choice for ear-level surrounds.
  19. If I'm fortunate enough to snag them, I'm planning on using them for l/c/r. Seems like a good choice for that, too. Hope I'm right.
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  20. I realize that you just sent out a bunch of 1099 kits. I missed the pre-order because I didn't check the site for a few weeks. When might I be able to order a set for LCR? I'd at least like to get something reserved so I don't have to keep checking this every day.

    My front speakers sound terrible ever since I got my four HT-8 surrounds up. ;-)
  21. 2 Volt 10 angled flat packs in stock right now.
    I really don’t need/want the angled boxes.
    I’d buy 8 baffle kits tonight if I could.
  22. I'm in the opposite boat, I've got my 3 1099's setup for my front stage and waiting to get 4 HT-8's. Together, we'd be have a good system!
  23. What did you have before the 1099's and how far did your jaw drop!?

    I am going from mismatched speakers and I cannot wait.
  24. Is there a secret to getting a reply from Erich? I have tried a half a dozen times, every possible way, over several months and nada. DIY Sound Group now has a payment from me which I made in error, totally my fault, but I can not get a response. Any suggestions? Carrier pigeons?
  25. No secret. Erich@diysoundgroup.com or contact form on diysoundgroup website. I'm sure Erich tries to respond to all inquiries, but I imagine at this point it's pretty hectic for him. Whenever I've not received a reply, I've just tried again - without trying to be a pain. I'd love to ask him a couple of things myself right now, but laying low. I'm still waiting to be invoiced for 4 volt 8s, and still wondering when the HT-8s are going to be up. Good luck.

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