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  1. Thanks, I've tried those avenues. I understand he's busy, but I think he's stretched too thin. I wished I lived closer, as I would offer to give him a hand.
  2. You can try to PM on AVS.
  3. I know Erich made a post on the AVS forum that he gets 70+ emails a day!

    Most are people asking about stock so it's hard to get back to everybody!
  4. @Erich H
    Tagging him here might help.
  5. I had some flat packs already packaged up so I put those up first. I haven't had a chance to get photos of the new Volt purchasing options and didn't want to confuse anyone while ordering. The Volt's will be available in about a week with flat packs or with no baffles. I think there were lots of guys buying the kit/baffle but then pitching that front panel. The woofer holes are pretty easy to cut so I'm thinking about offering Volts with the standard kit having no baffles at all, or you can order them with full knock down cabinets.

    I will be ordering more crossover parts for the Volts this week but didn't want to put too many up on the site last week simply because I was still working through the original 1099 orders.
  6. If you've sent a few emails but never heard back from me, it's likely a 100% chance you're email is sending my replies to your spam folder. I think Comcast and some Hotmail accounts block most of my replies for some reason. Someone said Hotmail gave options when they first set up their accounts to block spam and if Hotmail considers my email as spam you'll never see it.
  7. I have spent 30 years in IT and not likely to get tripped up by spam folders, which incidentally, I checked daily for replies from you. I will try to private message you here, as I do need your input on an order. Thanks for reaching out.
  8. Updates:

    Helix models: Tweeters finally came back in stock after many months. I already had crossover parts but went to buy more of the 2" ports from Parts Express. They're the same ports I had a bunch of for the Apollo kits. They only had 10 left in stock and estimated time before more are here.......March. Hopefully that comes sooner.

    Apollo models: They use the same ports as the Helix.

    Overnight Sensation models: Should be in stock.

    S2000: Should be in stock.

    S2000 MTM: Finally received the front panels so those will go in stock in a few days.

    HT-10: Now waiting on 10" woofers from Eminence. My understanding is that they are still running behind a few weeks.

    HT-12: Waiting on flat packs that should be here in 1.5 weeks. Plenty of everything else.

    HT-8: Got some of the needed resistors in from Parts Express so those will start going back up on the site around Tuesday or Wednesday. I also have some assembled crossovers for those that will go on the site as well.

    HTM-12: Was able to get crossover parts for 11 kits.

    All Volts: Because it's easy to cut a circle for the woofer I plan on changing how these kits will be offered. Standard kit will just have all the needed parts, but no precut front panel. Or you can order them with flat packs that have the front panel already cut. This will make things MUCH easier. There were way too many options last year and it made the Volts nearly impossibly to deal with. Each kit had 3 or more front panel options and 3 different cabinet options. That's like 9 options per kit which is basically like tracking 27 different kits.

    Volt-8: I'm pretty sure the angled version of this kit will be going away. They rarely got ordered because most people either go with the angled Volt-6 or jump up to the angled Volt-10. Not sure why, but that's how it's been. Matter of fact the angled Volt-8 cabinets have only been ordered one time from the cabinet company since they were put on the site years ago. If it does come back, it might be smaller, shallower, and made from 1/2" Baltic birch.

    1099: Uhhhhgggg. The original preorder went just fine. But when I put the 'Finalize Your PreOrder' page up on the site like I usually do there were 5-6 people that grabbed them but never preordered. So it caused some issues. I ended up taking them down then putting a few in stock at a time after contacting guys that originally preordered. That didn't work either because some of those 5-6 guys from the week before that tried to finalize without prordering tried it a second time......yes, it's caused some confusing issues. I'm going to get all of that straightened out this week before moving forward with more 1099 kits. This is the first time I've had any problems with 1099 preorders, but it was pretty bad.

    Titan-818: There are some 20 watt resistors out of stock. I can't find them anywhere else but I will double check to see how long it will be before they have them in stock again.

    NOTE: A big issue that has really shown itself in the past 5 months is DIY Sound Group being too reliant on other companies and manufacturers to operate smoothly and keep things in stock. I realize this past 6 months has been difficult for many manufacturers, but not being able to put kits in stock because a port tube or resistor value is out of stock for 3 months is just bad news for everyone. Imagine getting in pallets of Volt woofers and flat packs but not being able to sell them for months because a $1 part is out of stock. I'm going to really focus on ordering crossover parts and ports in much larger quantities in the future. It will take a while for all of this to get worked out but things will be much better later in the year.
  9. I assure you if you've sent multiple emails to me over the past few months with no reply......your email provider is blocking my emails and likely not even making it to your spam folder.
  10. I have no doubt that what you are saying is true, but I don't know why it would be singling you out or how to correct it. I am one of the 1099 offenders you call out in the above post and I am just trying to make things right.
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    I just checked and you have a Comcast email account which is why you haven't received my emails. Years ago someone told me that Comcast blocks emails from some hosting companies and not just the one the site uses. You're likely missing many emails from people but you wouldn't know it because they don't even get to your spam folder. No idea why they do it but it's a fairly well known problem. I will send you another message from a different email account and you might get it.
  12. Judging by the amount of us waiting for stock, I imagine it's really hectic for you at the moment, so thanks for the updates Erich
  13. and once they are in stock, they will be out of stock the next day lol
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  14. Just want to chime in and say thanks for the detailed update--really makes the waiting easier knowing what is going on!
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  15. @Erich H

    Do you have any idea when the redesigned 1299s might be available? I know the last year has been really challenging. I’m trying to do some long term planning for a home theater.
  16. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm also a member of the "5 or 6 offenders" club. I saw what I thought was a new 1099 pre-order and couldn't get to the Paypal page fast enough. Sorry Erich. I'll RTFM next time.

    Thank you for the status update.
  17. Did I miss the restocking of Volts and Ht-8s on Tuesday/Wednesday?
  18. Thanks for posting that update @Erich H ! It helps knowing the timeline and what is currently available. I have been researching both your past and currently listed products diligently for the last month or so. There is sooo much info to digest and in different forums spread across the internet. Where I'm struggling is what's available now vs. what may be available again (but not listed at this time). For instance your Cobalt speakers with their high sensitivity intrigue me greatly vs. something like Helix. I originally planned to get the Helix MT which I am sure is a great sounding speaker. However I think I'm leaning to something with a "big" sound that has great sensitivity. I'm also on the fence about a horn speaker for my needs. That said I'm highly interested if the Cobalt's are coming back. Another that seems perfect is the Vortex! Only concern is they might be a little out of my budget (maybe, not sure what the price is on them), but those seem like they could be endgame speakers for me. It would be highly useful information to have if they would be coming back at some point. I understand the difficulties in replying to 70+ emails a day about what and when things will be in stock. But it would be incredibly useful info to have in making the best choices possible. Being that you're a one man band I appreciate all you do and how difficult it is getting everything done that needs doing. I'm just hoping for a little more info as this is kind of a one shot deal as these will be my speakers for at least the next few years. I let myself get new speakers every once in a blue moon :)
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    I think the volts have come and gone for now, except for angled volt 10s that show on the site. I doubt you missed the HT-8s because I'm ashamed to admit how often I refresh to see if they are available. It is a pity that Erich is so busy and there is so much apparent pent-up demand. I miss the days when you could just go to the site and order what you wanted (except maybe 1099s) whenever the impulse struck! So for now, we wait.
  20. I check multiple times an hour, its ridiculous. I need two more volt 6s for atmos dang it. Then I need four Ht-8s, but i would like to get 4 at once.
  21. Heads up folks who got a Volt 6 recently. The capacitors that I got in my kit didn't match what was on the XO instruction sheet. I emailed back and forth with Erich and it seems I got the older sheet for the previous drivers. Since odds are decent that someone else got what I got I'll post the info here. If your sheet references 15 uF caps instead of 22 uF caps then read on.

    Make the following substitutions if applicable:

    3.0 uF cap instead of 3.3 uF cap
    15 uF cap instead of 22 uF cap
    12.5 Ohm resistor instead of 12 Ohm resistor
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  22. So do you have the correct parts but wrong sheet?
  23. Yes. Erich emailed me the correct sheet, I'm good from here.
  24. Yeah i check every 20 minutes or so for ht-8s so nothing been put in stock yet.
  25. Any update on the Vortex 15? I don't see them even listed on the site, unless I'm missing something. Sorry for being a squeaky wheel on this.
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