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  1. Well I've been checking pretty regularly and haven't seen any HT-8's go up. Did anyone snag any or have they not been posted yet? I just want to know so I can stop checking the site every hour for the past week.
  2. I haven't seen them either so I don't think that they've gotten posted unless it was over the weekend and they got bought up.
  3. I checked pretty regularly over the weekend, so doubtful.
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    I've been checking on the ht-8s as much as anyone. I would be surprised (and disappointed) if I missed them. Erich either hit a parts snag or is just so darn busy catching up from the covid delays, because he thought they would be up on the site a week ago. It would be nice to get an update.
  5. Now might be a good time to check...just sayin...
  6. Went up at 9:49pm sold by 1:45a when I was able to check before bed, rip. Been waiting and checking stock multiple times/day since October... damn.
  7. Volts are in stock
  8. Well, I've been waiting for 9 months and I'm about give out. Anyone have suggestions for good replacement surrounds for the HT-8?
  9. So 2:59 am until 6:45 am where I am. No wonder I missed them.
  10. Man that stinks ! I know the feeling
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    Soo.. that sucks. When is the next resupply?

    Edit: Also, is it possible to buy the SEOS-10 somewhere? If so, I could just order the components and do the enclosure myself.
  12. I'm so gutted. We're in total lockdown here, so I've build a cinema room to ease the family's boredom, and I'm just waiting to build my surrounds (I have 3 HT-12s at the front).
  13. Has anyone heard more details about the HT-88 center channel?
  14. @Erich H. Any chance we can get a pre-order going for some HTM-12s and HT-8s? I'd be happy to put some money down if that helps you out. Also happy to pick them up or help you out if I can. Only about 40 mins from Cincy.
  15. Man what a bummer. Have been checking this site constantly and who would have thought the speakers would be up late at night and gone within hours. Hopefully things won't take as long to get back in stock. This is getting hard to be patient.
  16. I checked the Ht-8s, not in stock and then put my kid to bed, feel a sleep for a bit, usually I check again before I go to bed. Which I didn't and they came and gone. I wish I didn't even know they came and gone. LOL I did get some Volt 6s tho, maybe waiting for the HT-8s isn't a bad thing for me. Saves my pocket book and I have a HT room to demo and build in the mean time. But if I do see the HT-8s I will snag em lol
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    Ordered 4 volt 6s and they went out of stock right after my order. Now I need to place an order for 4 HT8s. Very disappointed that I missed them.
  18. i think the pre order would be good, then he knows how many to get to fullfill people’s waiting orders. instead of of just filling the inventory on hand. im sure he doesnt want to order too much and then just sits there not selling.
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  19. I would pay in full even if the assembled package wasn't in his stock. I don't have issues putting in an order with a several week/month lead time as long as there aren't concerns about severe disruptions from Parts Express, etc.. Even if there are, worst case you cancel orders and issue refunds.
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  20. I just bought 4 volt 8s and 6 volt 10s. So there was some stock there this evening.
  21. dont want to sound like a broken record but whats going on with the HT-8s?
  22. I’m squeaking with you...
  23. He gets inventory and then someone buys them all at once. Like the guy above you ordered 10 Volts at once. A lot of people are waiting for HT-8s and Erich can only get so many at a time. I'm sure manufacturers also have to balance their inventory between several orders. This side gig likely doesn't have the resources to order 8000 kits at once.
  24. Any plans for more vbss flat packs or flex-12 flat packs?

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