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  1. Hi all, I read about DIY SG many years ago but never pulled the trigger on any DIY kits. Back then the 1099 had just been released and I was considering it. Now I see many new models have been designed but they do not appear to be available at this time. From the current website stock, it appears a home theater center channel speaker that is currently available would be the S2000 MTM. I do not see anything else available. I've read all nine pages of this thread and various other threads and I'm interested to know if I should just watch the website over the next few days, weeks, months until something else shows up. Thanks for any advice in this regard.
  2. Yeah, hang in there. Kits pop up as available and then sell out. Keep checking.
  3. Dying for a pair of Kuda 15s. Have two Lab15s and an iNuke 6000 patiently waiting to rattle shit off my walls.
  4. Volts came in a couple days ago. Packaging was on point again! I’ll solder up the 10 crossovers one of these days but won’t be installing them until after the theater is painted, so it’ll be a few weeks. Thanks Erich.

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  5. Thanks for all your hard work. Is there any update on the Apollo MTM's ?
  6. any updates on the ht-8s? would like to buy 4
  7. Erich,
    Is there any way I can send a deposit to reserve 3 Vortex 15's?
    Is the problem the lack of compression drivers for this kit?
  8. I would do the same for the HT-8s, If I could pre-order them like the 1099s. This way I could stop checking the site every 20 minutes :)
  9. Same Here!!!
  10. Man, we just want to spend our money that is burning a hole in our pockets, and no takers lol.
  11. Erich,
    Is there any way I can send a deposit to reserve 2 Vortex 15's with crossovers?
    I have been checking the site so often. I'm just looking for a way to get in line for sure.
    Also named Bruce
  12. I hate to be "that guy" but any update on the 1099's? I missed the last preorder. My HT is getting close to being finished and Im going to need some speakers soon :) Alternatively, if anyone has 3 1099 kits they want to sell, let me know.
  13. The Volts are back in stock for anyone waiting on those!
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  14. I'd be up to pick up 2 Vortex-12s if the important parts are still around, but unfortunately I'm not named Bruce.
  15. Finally something in stock!!! I'm starting to lose patience...anyone know how big of a difference there is between the Volt 6 and HT 8 for HT use? It would be for my LCR. Sitting about 12 feet from the front sound stage. Room is around 1,700 cubic feet. Would save around $50 per speaker too. Paired with a PSA 15V subnwoofer, hoping to add in a Marty 18" cube soon. Would love to hear thoughts! Thanks
  16. I just completed 4 volt 8 and 3 HT-8 builds. For front stage I would definitely recommend the HT-8 over the volt 6. I have never heard the volt 6, but the HT-8 seem more suited to l/c/r duty than the 8s which I assume are superior to the 6s, which I have heard described as a little thin. Love the volt 8s for surround/atmos.
  17. Meant to add, the HT-8s are also paired with 2 PSA 15V Subs. Overall very good for music, excellent for movies.
  18. How many people is the cinema for? If it's for more than 1 in your front row, the HTs will have a better off axis response, as well as being better all-round anyway. If your budget allowed, I'd go HT10s. The Volts would be ok for surrounds, but I wouldn't use them for mains unless there wasn't space or budget for better.
  19. I own HTM-12s, HTM-8s, Volt 10s, and Volt 6s. The 6s are a let down as I thought they'd be at least competitive with the 10s given their same woofer motor and the advantage of porting. I had briefly considered using them as surrounds because they're easier to place, but I tried driving them and decided they're ceiling speakers. There's no replacement for displacement, but at least they're cheap and small.

    My recommendation is to shove in the biggest speakers you can. I haven't heard the HT-8 just my HTM-8s so I'm guessing here a bit but it's between Volt 6 and HT-8 for LCR then it's probably not a contest. I you cannot be patient then I can attest that a Volt 10 on axis is pretty good.
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  20. How you like the volt 6s for ceilings, that is what I am putting in the ceiling once I get to it
  21. The volts don't have a good on axis response but they do have an ok off axis which makes them suitable for ceiling speakers.. It seems like the Volt 8s have a slightly better response than the 6s and the 10s but they are all pretty close. The HTMs have very good on axis and off axis IIRC. I am using 3 of the 1099s for the front, volt 6s for heights and hopefully HT8s for surrounds when they become available.

  22. It looks like based upon everyone's response waiting for the HTs are the way to go. More waiting then :)

    Also, any huge difference between the HT 8 and HT 10 other than output? I think I recall Erich saying the HT-10 is mostly used with 18" subwoofers so the speakers don't overwhelm things. Thoughts?
  23. Eric has suggested to me that the HTM12s (and the same will presumably apply to the HT12s) are better paired with decent size subs. While a balance will also be good for smaller speakers, I'd have though HT10s would be fine with medium sized subs, and a better choice that HT8s as mains for most people. And they'd also better allow for adding more subs.

    For reference, I have 3 HT12s, and 4 subs in a small room.
  24. Any updates on the Apollo MTM and Helix MTM? Ready to by an LCR set.

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