Speaker Setup for Unimog Project

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Brett Vallis, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Hi

    New to the forum - just registered.

    I built my first reflex horn bin when I was 17: Bass backward facing coupled to folded, reverse horn, mid-range and HF horn forward firing. It was the typical long-throw cabinets that were being used in concert rigs at the time. At the time we only had access to JBL, EV, Peavey, Celestion and Beyma speaker components: high sensitive and high SPL at 1m - 98 to 102Db sensitivity. The last cabinet I built was a reflex cabinet that maxed out at 136dB. I stopped manufacturing speakers and amplifiers in '94.

    I am busy building a 4X4 overlander from a Unimog 416 chasis and I'm looking for ideas on what AV gear to put into the camper part of the vehicle. The rear compartment is really a small room: 4 bunks, kitchenette, bathroom, fold-out couch. I'm going for a 37" HD LED TV running off a Pioneer, dual-din, touch-screen head.

    But, I'm not sure what to do with the speakers. I put in a JBL Club WS1200 Shallow 12" in my Tucson and it really does the job: Frequency response from 27Hz to 175Hz at 92Db. I want two in the Unimog but I don't want them forward-facing. I'd like to integrate them into the couches or the headboard. I could go 4th or 6 order bandpass filter cabinet.

    I went with JBL in my Tucson because of their long-standing pedigree. The guys at the car audio shop were also showing me Infinity, Star Sound, Rockford Fosgate, but when I checked their specs online they were at least 10Db's lower in sensitivity. Sure, I could pick up a 10KW (rated) speaker and drive it with a very big monoblock but that seems very wasteful and I'm not sure if they're just designed to win SPL competitions or if they do really sound fantastic.

    Any advice: I'm thrilled at the prospect of taking on this project.

    Thank you kindly... Brett

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