Stonhenge performance threads?

Discussion in 'Flat Packs and Assembly' started by mikey15, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Has anyone built a Stonehenge if so how do you like it?
  2. There's a guy on AVSforum with a UXL18 in a stonehenge and he's pretty blown away. Only one going right now but another on the way. Seems to me it's a great ported enclosure. Hard to go wrong.
  3. Yeah it's between that and a Marty cube. I need to order my flat packs from Eric. I've been sitting on all the parts for Bills Designer 12since the SEOS 12 came in plastic. I just don't have time to build boxes from scratch. What 18 sub were they designed for. Was thinking an SI HT
  4. I know I'm rather late to the party.

    I just ordered/assembled two stonehenge subs with dayton rss460 ho drivers.

    My first experience with the sub when hooked up to a Crown XLS 2500 was... F*** YEAH!!!! .... I immediately thought of the neighbours who already dislike my tendency to play it loud and party hard.

    The sub these were replacing is a Velodyne DLS-5000R. This is a great music sub but I wasn't happy with how it seemed to roll off just as you were expecting the thunder to get louder.

    The easiest way I can explain how this kit performs.... Sitting 14 feet away from the sub when sits under my projector screen... I could feel my laminate floor in my basement moving. My leather sofa was vibrating. The projector started to vibrate the image on the screen. This is just with one sub hooked up. The best part is... my non-dedicated theater is IN THE BASEMENT.

    Once I started to turn up the gain on this sub, I had to check whether the Velodyne was still on.

    I'm just waiting for the duratex to arrive before I hook these bad boys up again for some thunder down under.
  5. "I just ordered/assembled two stonehenge subs with dayton rss460 ho drivers."

    Interesting that you used this driver because most of the discussions are between the HST 18, HT 18 SI and UXL 18 for the Stonehenge.

    Why did you go with this driver?

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