Surround speakers to match 893/HM-10's

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  1. Hello all,

    My 893 and HM-10's are ready for surround speakers. I would like to purchase something that would work with my current open concept man cave and place the surround on rear wall (book shelf). Please see the location on image. (22 feet away from screen) I added an image of my screen and fronts placed behind screen.IMG_1974.JPG IMG_1975.JPG Forum Basement revision2_Page_1.jpg

    Thanks in advance,
  2. How do you like the HTM-10s compared to the 893? Not sure I would put the surrounds that far back, but how about the HTM-6?
  3. I agree with LuisV,, that placement for the back surrounds really is too far away from the general listening area. It would work but you will most likely get little to zero L/R separation of sound from them that far away.

    What about hanging them from the ceiling ? It works well for me due to room issues.
  4. Thanks all,
    I like the HTM-10 even though Ive only powered it with my old Sony receiver. I will be posting the receiver question next. Thinking about this lower budget ONKYO TX-NR 686. (compatible with my Sonos and able to power up my outdoor/pool/patio speakers)
    HTM-6/Volt-6 v2 or any other recommendations......

    Ceiling is definitely an option, I have my old speakers located there now and it works fine. There is plenty of room in that area (duct work). I may be able to recess and angle towards the sweet spot. See pic. I am guessing its about 16ft away from front wall.

  5. Sorry meant to post previous pic as a thumbnail. A different view below.

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  6. htm6? volt6? or something else to match my htm10+893...please help soon

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