The 88 Special Build Guide - "FUD Buster"

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  1. The 88 Special Build Guide - "FUD Buster"

    I am new to DIY speaker building, but not new to DIY projects in general (i.e. home improvement projects). This thread shows my first build of 2 88 Specials for a LR setup (phantom center) from DIY Sound Group.

    Both of them were expertly packed and shipped by Erich! For all those "on the fence”: the ordering, shipping process, and quality of components (i.e. flat pack, etc.) is extremely well done and professional!

    While searching through the forums I was able to get answers to all of the questions I had while building, but continually struggled with "which bookmark had the answer" or "which page of this thread talked about XYZ." It seemed like this problem would get even worse when I started a subwoofer, surround speakers, or a third 88 special for a dedicated center in a few months.

    I saw other posts where builders (especially new builders like myself) were struggling with the same issues.

    So I decided to try creating a "Build Guide" that had step-by-step instructions as well as alternate choices for the build steps. I nicknamed it the "FUD Buster" since I also wanted to remove the "Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt" that occurs for the first time builder considering their first project.

    The guide is complete through the crossover assembly, but doesn't have details on sound deadening, putting the front baffle on, attaching the speakers, final finishing the outside of the box, etc. I have done most of those steps but haven't added them to the guide. I also just setup both in their final spots, so I can't do a detailed review, but first impressions are very good!

    Hopefully this guide is helpful to others! Thank you to Jeff for designing the speakers and Erich for the flat packs, website, etc.! Also thank you for all those who actively answer questions in the forums!

    I attached thumbnails for two of the pages to give an idea of how the guide is setup.
    The link is to the full 25 page guide and is approximately 5 MB lower resolution PDF version of the guide (ebook resolution). The full version is closer to 7.5MB, but I think the smaller file is high-enough resolution to be useful.

    Note: The link is on Dropbox which does have per-day download limits. If for some reason it isn’t available just wait a day and hopefully it can be downloaded the next day.

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  2. Nice! You are setting the build walk through bar pretty high. I will be looking forward to the veneering.
  3. I just wanted to say that I stumbled into this guide a week or two ago while researching the 88 specials and it is absolutely one of the best written DIY guides I've ever come across online. Are you a tech writer or document-heavy engineering type by trade? If not, I know several engineering companies that could use more people like you writing our test procedures! ;D

    Without trying to promote other sites/forums (heck they're unrelated subjects anyway), I'll just say that your guide is right up there with Kal Wallner's two on display calibration and electric brewing. Phenomenal job, and I'd love to see a completed version with driver and foam insulation, etc.
  4. Thanks for the compliment! Hopefully the guide helped! I am a software architect/developer so have had my hands in plenty of technical docs.

    And with any DIY type thing... if you are going to bother doing it, might as well do it right!

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