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  1. Does anyone know if the fram in the BA 750 is a clone of anything?

    Truextant is coming out with some new ones in different sizes this is what they emailed me:

    Currently we produce a 4" voice coil version in two different impedances (8 and 16 ohm) that are replacement products for a variety of JBL and Radian products. We are currently finalizing prototype parts for a 3" voice coil product that will be a replacement for the B&C line of products. The 3" product should be in production sometime in the next quarter. As far as designing products we have a roadmap that includes replacement parts for Radian 3" and 1.75" and are looking at TAD 4000 and 2000 series as well as a JBL 3' and 1.75" products. As you know development takes time so would like to understand your requirements so we can add it to the decision matrix.

    The question I emailed him was if they were open to a group buy and if so how orders on the list would be required...It sounds like the answer isn't a *no*. It would be great if it turned out that the BA was a clone of a radian or JBL, are 1.75 frams and 2" VC the same size? None the less it would seem that in the next few years there will be a lot more Be options on the market.
  2. That's exciting!

    Yeah I assume 2" is the nominal size for a 1.75" diaphragm but it's tough to say what the measured size is.
  3. Erich probably knows if the BA is a clone or designed from scratch. Nevertheless, there must be a dimension available that states the size of the diaphragm. Maybe a single BA could be sent to Truextant for measurement. It certainly would be optimum if the size was identical to units already in production.
  4. [SIZE=small]Did you guys listen to them yet?[/SIZE]

    I bought the pair of BA's and the seos18's from cookieattk on the classifieds. All I can say is wow! That is one clean sounding driver/WG. i just piggybacked them onto my jbl lsr32's and put a steep slope on active (c2c to the jbl mid is way too high for blending), 700hz xo point is not breaking a sweat, even for short terms of obscene levels. Even with the crappy setup this easily outperforms my LSR32's and those are no slouch, I can't wait to get the rest of the system together. Right now I'm leaning towards a pair of super macom's with 4x scanspeak discovery 15m's per side.

    Not that I'm not interested in Be diaphrams as well. ;D
  5. It's great to hear you're getting excellent output from the BA down to 700hz! ;D That probably means that, with a proper setup, you can get down to 650hz or so. This agrees with baswlo's measurements.
    I'm on the slow track with my SEOS18/BA/TD15M rig. It's taken me well over a year to gather the parts and I'm still waiting for the TD15M phase plugs. :( In the interim I got involved with a huge home remodeling project which has sucked up my spare time and $$.

    I've been pondering different box designs in winisd and presently trying to decide between 3 cu ft sealed boxes or 5.6 cu ft ported boxes with single 6" ports. I'll just mount the WG on top in it's own box/bracket. I suspect that the sealed design will have slightly better sound quality but the ported enclosure will dig a lot deeper. I'd also have to come to terms with huge ported boxes in the living room. At least 4 subs will plumb the low end.

    I'll definitely be interested in how your design progresses. Sounds like you're interested in designing for high SPL with those 4X 15" woofers per side. My design goals are far more humble, as far as sound level goes, with just one 15" woofer per side.

  6. Haha-

    No the scanspeak 15m is a 5.25" driver (but yeah that confusing with all the AE stuff). I'm going to make a pair of big malcoms, I want to play with the shaded line array to extend the horizontal directivity down lower, can do up to 4 way active so I can also mess with shading the array for the whole band or also with delay (still researching this) or a combination of them.

    I decided for now to grab 8 of the aura drivers and to build a solid prototype so I can get a better idea of what my requirements will be to go between the WG's and the subs. Then rebuild the prototypes all out. If you have subs already then why build the ported boxes?

  7. That's exciting to hear! I'm still waiting on them TD15s here too, *sigh*

  8. Ah...I understand. You mean the Malcolm. ::) That will be an interesting build. It'll take a lot of amps :eek: .

    The reason I'm considering ported boxes is that the extra extension could add to the distributed bass effect. One variation of the theory goes that if you have at least 4 subs scattered around in a random manner, the combined effect would be to equalize low frequencies throughout the room.

    I presently have 3 subs including a pair of the Anarchy group buy folded horns. I'd like to get one more perhaps build a Rythmik servo sub.
  9. does anyone have an impedance chart of the BA?
  10. On the seos 18's here with crossover at 700hz I think it's a good idea to damp the WG's a little bit. I put two packages of rope caulk on each one and covered the whole thing with gorilla tape (on the back of the WG). Before I was getting some occasional shouty resonances with certain types of signals on the lower end of the WG's. After adding the (probably 5-6lbs per wg) rope caulk it's all gone. If they were heavy before...

    Damn these speakers sound very good. So revealing dynamically. My test for dynamic transparency is to compare different peak stop limiters, on a lot of speakers they all sound kinda the same. Not on these bad boys, man each one is very distinct and more than a few dB of gain reduction they all sound kind a bad.

    Just thought I would throw that out there.
  11. Are you using the SEOS 18 as a Malcolm array now? Got some photos? :)

    Thanks for the damping advice. Wow, 5-6 lbs. per waveguide. I'll probably make the BA box enclosed so to hide the damping material. I imagine Plas-T-Clay would do well too. Maybe some lead tape.

  12. A little late replying to this one... but the impedance of the BA would depend entirely on what horn it's bolted to, how's that for an unhelpful reply? ::)
  13. There they are. Working on bass bins with w15gti's to go below there, then mini smoothing subs with 8 TB w6's I have. Also eventually the corner horn will just fill a baffle up to the ceiling. I'm able to get this to +/- 4dB at the listening positionn when adjusting for house curve with the exception of a reflection coming from a window on my right (only effects the left speaker). Using power and delay shading they hold pattern horizontally to about 200hz.

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  14. That is neat.. How do they sound?
    They should play pretty loud with 4 NS6 in the bass.

  15. Thanks Bill-

    And I really mean that because it's your idea! They sound amazing. Very honest but yes no doubt they will play quite loud, I have to keep a SPL meter handy so I don't just creep up and up.
  16. When will the BA be back in stock and will there be any changes ?
  17. I've done some measurements on the BA-750 + SEOS 18 here: and
  18. Do you have an idea about what's causing the breakup @8-9 khz and 16-19 kHz?



  19. No doubt the 15khz one is the titanium dome breaking up, but the 7khz stuff has me curious too not only to what is causing it but also its audibility. Based on the frequency response it seemed to be an issue with standing waves somewhere. four more days and I'll run an impedance sweep on one of mine to see if it's visible in the impedance.

  20. How about an update on your setup? :)

  21. Not a lot has changed for a while although some upgrades are in the works, I got the bass cabs mostly finished but it's going to require disassembly of my desk in order to install them (I have other cheaper subs down there now). Meanwhile I decided that given the amount of work it would take to change anything later it makes the most sense to upgrade now, then test the best location before finishing a more permanent build.

    So what are the upgrades? Soes 24's are in the mail (should be here friday courtesy of Erich and Chopshop) and Radian 951pb-B with truextent diaphragms are already in the house. After that I'm going to test for the ideal height of the WG relative to my desk, and get a plan together for some mids, while getting familiar with the 24/951 combo. The ns6 are pretty good, but they have a few issues...thinking about some pairs of td10m's under the 24's.

    Overall the 18/BA sounds great though, I would say first that they really are not a fatiguing speaker, but I did find myself tuning them substantially darker than flat. I think the in room response is so much more even than with domes that you can go a little darker without the lumpiness masking elements in the treble, which is great considering overly bright mixing/mastering trends...Anyway I'll report back soon on the difference between the BA/18 vs 951/24, certainly a tad pricier!
  22. Thanks for the update.

    I'll definitely be interested in your thoughts on the difference in SQ between the SEOS24/951 and the BA/18.

  23. Been listening to the 24's/951s here for a minute...whew it smells like fresh fiberglass in here-

    Well yeah the big ones are definitely throwing up a bigger image and are smoother without having to use as much EQ to get there, as you move around the room the response stays better. The very top octave is better on the Be frams and moving the crossover point an octave lower makes it quite a bit easier to integrate with the mids.

    ...I used to have to ref the top octave on my bookshelf monitors to be sure nothing weird was going in the very top.

    That all said this is in a recording studio, so some things that can be subjectively fine for listening at home are different here. The 18's and BA750s are still very good, I'd say for me at least the upgrade was worth it.
  24. The SEOS24's would probably be overkill for my 7'-9"x15'x35' room. Since I have such a low ceiling the 18 may be a better fit. I don't need the gigantic soundstage. Although it isn't exactly an apples to apples comparison, you've confirmed that a Be diaphragm would raise the upper limit freq. response and extract more detail. It would be nice if a Be diaphragm was available for the BA. However, it's good to know that you don't hear the @[/size]8-9 khz and 16-19 kHz[SIZE=78%] ringing that [/SIZE][/size]GranteedEV was talking about. Maybe eventually I can scrounge the $$$ for a pair of 1" Be CD's.

    [/size]Hmm... since I'll be using the TD15M, I wonder how that would compare to your shaded multiple small woofer configuration? Are you going to try the dual TD10m setup?

    Thanks for the report! :)


  25. I emailed truextant a while back and they are planning some different diaphrams...I don't know what the ba is dimensionally a clone of, but it's probably a possibility.

    The 465 has a be option now, although it seems like maybe a 3"er? I can't tell.

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