The "Minion" 8" B&C + DNA-205/EOS-8 bookshelf/surround design

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  1. Edit: Name changed from "Little Mayhem" to "Minion" in order to be a better match to the 15" B&C design "Sentinel" .

    Now the MTG-08 is no slouch, but you could consider this as an upgrade where you want a little more from the same form factor and don't mind paying a little extra for it. The Minion takes the MTG-08 style design to another level using higher quality drivers/parts
    . More bass extension, slightly higher sensitivity, a little smaller enclosure and delivering clearer/more detailed sound over the entire range. Right now i'm disappointed I only have the one to listen to. ;D

    I don't want to give away too many details right now as you can expect the kit to be available soon.
    92dB 2.83v/1M
    65hz F3
    Usable extension 55-20,000hz

    Enclosure size will be a little different then the photo because they will be made from 1/2" BB, so they will be 9.5"w x 9.5"d x 17.5"h vs. 10.5"d


    Note on these I had a homemade wind sock on the mic while measuring so the highs slope a little more then they should, look at last graph which was indoors for a more correct HF graph
    On axis outdoors 2.83V/1m

    0-60 Degrees off axis horizontal, 10 degree increments (measured at 1m):

    0-40 degrees below axis (measured at 3m):

    0-40 degrees above axis (meassured at 3m):

    Indoor graph, better representation of high frequencies ignore below 500hz.
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    Sweet man!

    Is that the EOS8 Erich has been talking about??? I was hoping to have one soon. Did you use the DNA-150?
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    Thanks, yeah its the EOS-8, but uses the DE10 clone.
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    That's an awesome looking smaller dare I say "bookshelf" speaker for surrounds or smaller mains. In my living room I use a pair of Mini Ewaves using the Beta 8a woofer which sound very good but the purple cones just drive me crazy.

    Which woofer is that? Will there be a flat pack for these? I'd hate to have to flush mount that woofer.
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    Flat packs are already done.
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    Ah, ya, that thing is sweet. Got a measurement of it on the EOS8 you can show us? It's a beauty on the SEOS12.
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    It does not have as nice a FR on the EOS-8 as it does on the SEOS-12. At first I thought I had a bad CD and had Erich double check with at set he had, though it measured well on my SEOS-12.

    The dip at 2k is what was killing me, I had to fight it a little to get a good response.
    Here is my graph:

    And Erich’s (on EOS-8 and SEOS):
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    Ah, I see. Looks like you managed regardless. If you get the chance. Try it on the SEOS12. Such a dream to work with. As soon as they arrive I'm ordering 3 from Erich for personal use.
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    Thanks for posting the YouTube video! It's hard to believe a small speaker can sound so big.
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    That EOS8 looks exactly like the XT120 horn! How does that horn compare to the XT120?
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    slot ports are sexy!
    cant wait for the kits for these to go up
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    I am pretty they are almost if not identical. Erich might know better if there are any differences between them.

    Thanks, I am really impressed with this little guy. I may have another video up soon. :)
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    You answered your own question my friend! :D
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    Hey, any chance you can post the FRD files for the B&C and the DNA-205/EOS-8 I just ordered the kit and would like to try and design a active crossover for comparison.
  15. Here you go.

    That slight dip/peak at about 1k on the woofer response is caused by port resonance from the large slot port I used on my test enclosure and will be absent on the kit so you may not want to compensate for it in the crossover. Also the offsets should be 18cm vertical and tweeter AC 5.3cm behind the woofer AC.

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  16. awesome going to play around with a mini dsp and the active crossover designer.
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    Off topic here, but I gotta say, I love your videos, especially this one: [SIZE=78%][/SIZE]

    How far away is the camera/mic? What SPL do you have a 1m and at mic position? Sounds great over youtube and pc speakers. Through this I can tell that the speaker is awesome!

    Your neighbors must love you.

  19. Thanks,

    On that one I start about 120 feet back, I did not have an SPL meter out there but I estimate that at 1m it was hitting peaks of around 120dB (96dB sensitivity with ~300W). So out at 120 feet (36m) it was probably a little under 90dB peaks (a bit more then 30dB of loss from distance).

    Luckily there are no neighbors in the general direction I had it pointing but the ones off to the sides probably do get a good amount of spill, in fact if you listen close on some of the videos you can hear a slight echo from the reflection off their houses. No complaints yet ;D
  20. Hey mtg,

    Am considering the Minion or the Tempest as LCR. Prefer Minion for the size, the Tempest for the bass.

    So a question for you, could I replace the B&C 8PS21 with this, B&C 8BG51


    Would the cross over need working on to do so?

  21. The crossover would need to be redone for that one, sensitivity is a little lower and frequency response is different. Box size and tuning would need to be different as well. If you have subs the bass from the 8PS21 is pretty decent and will fill in >80hz quite well but if you are looking to go full range then the Tempest is a better choice.
  22. Thanks mtg, if i stay with the Minions, do you have a sub recomendation? Smaller the better but still get down to about 30, thanks again

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