the very best speakers and subs to use?

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  1. hi all

    I am after putting together a 11.2 speaker package
    I want to use 2 seos tempest 15v2 as l/r
    I need the best possible centre speaker to go with them
    also the best possible rears and extra surrounds
    then I need atmos/dtsx/auro3d height effect speakers again need the best possible

    then I need two 15 inch subs with best possible bass and lowest frequency response possible want it to go low

    I will be connecting these to a denon x6200w and a emotiva xpa3 amp the fronts and centre will be connected to the emotiva and the rest to the denon
    using blue jeans cables and interconnects and will be using a oppo 203 4k player

    I need the best possible components to build the speakers and subs I need a listing of what components I need

    also I need somebody to build the speakers and subs for me I live in United Kingdom kettering northamptonshire

    also if you could name 2 l/r fronts speakers that far exceed the diy seos tempest 15v2 what would they be

    I want the best sound quality possible best possible dynamics massive Soundstage great attack weight and authority best possible midrange and best detail possible and bass as well thanks
  2. You might want to check where you made the exact same post.

    I'm not trying to be unhelpful. Many members here are members there.

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