titan 615 sound compared with maximus 12 ?

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    figured i'd move out of the htm thread, seeing as i'm no longer discussing them

    setup would be for just plain 2 channel (maybe 2.1 later)

    will be used in a home theatre configuration but no center channel or surrounds (again....maybe later)

    some movies mostly music......blues,country, rock......and the latest interpretations of those genres. (deciding factor is usually recording quality) at occasional high spl (current system distorts around 100-103 db at listening position, recording dependant) would like to improve on that.

    matt you reco'd the maximus 12 which has some glowing reviews with one neg saying they were too 'bright'

    on the other hand, titan 615 reviews are covered up with words like 'smooth' and 'silky' and 'not harsh' 'even when loud'

    will the max 12 offer the same level of smoothness? now i don't mind an accurate translation of the recording, in fact i quite enjoy that, but if if it comes at a cost of harshness.....might have to rethink.

    i read something about the dna450 but cannot find it again......any info or links would be appreciated
    the bc 8" seems awesome and that magnum 12" speaks for itself as far as reviews go.

    are there replacement diaphrams available for the dna450? are they custom or of the shelf?

    as i asked over in the htm thread, looks like the crossover in the max 12 covers the transition from top to bottom? if so where does it cross?
    thats a good thing afaic....makes it easier to add a larger sub later.

    i'd prefer an assembled crossover if thats at all possible, also is there a selectable hf pad setup like i see in some other offerings?

    my size constraints fit the max 12 much better and if there is a touch of brightness in this setup i'm sure it could be addressed? i see the selectable hf pad on others as -1.5 db maybe if theres room add another selectable lug that could get it to say -3 db. of course i would expect to pay extra.

    sorry for barragment of questions! just trying to get a handle on it b4 i pull the trigger....and those other questions about ordering still stand.

    thanks, bob

  2. The Maximus-12 was originally designed for 2 channel music, the Titan was originally designed for home theater. I wouldn't go by reviews when it comes to the brightness or laid back sound of a speaker because that has a lot to do with personal preference. What some people consider bright can sound laid back to the next person. My dad likes the speaker to be very bright sounding with lots of bass. I can barely listen to the speaker after he adjusted the high end to his liking. And that's what people should remember......adjust the speaker to sound the way you like it, especially for 2 channel music. Adjusting for more or less brightness is the easiest adjustment to make, but I don't do that until I've listened to the speaker straight 'out of the box' for a week or so to get used to how it sounds.

    As for the DNA-450 or any of the other compression drivers, yes there are replacement diaphragms. But in all the years we've been doing this no one has ever needed one for any of the speaker models.
  3. thanks erich,

    yep, agree with all that thoroughly.

    i'm still slightly confused on the order process?

    i want to order the max 12 kit

    i'd like assembled crossovers but see no ordering option

    i'd like to get the flat pack for the mbm (i'm aware there is none for the top) but the pic shows the baffle for the kit as slotted.....is there a difference?

    if the mbm flat pack will work i need the port

    two sets of binding posts? or can i just hardwire the mbm from the crossover (i'm still assuming the crossover controls the mbm?)
  4. also would like a set of diaphrams if possible......these will be used for some time and would hate not to be able to get them later if needed.
  5. That speaker kit rarely gets ordered, probably due to cost, so I haven't done much updating on the product page.

    An assembled crossover was never put on the site for that speaker. The guy that assembles the other crossovers can probably help with that. If you send an email through the site I can get you his contact info.

    You can make the kit with a slot port or with the round port. Pretty sure everyone has just gone with the single 4" port design. The midbass module is basically the lower section of the Maximus-12.

    The one crossover board would get wired to the compression driver, 8" midrange, and 12" woofer. You would probably want to get 2 sets of binding posts.

    If this is your first DIY speaker, you might want to first consider something a little easier. The Maximus-12 is one of the harder models to build.
  6. i'll send an email directly.....i would have earlier but it hasn't been an option, i just checked and its now working.

    i'm a master carpenter by trade and have a complete shop......just not to good with soldering!
  7. @mountainman bob, I'm the exact opposite: good with solder but can't work wood.

    Had similar questions on Titan v Maximus. Such a tough call. One thing making me lean toward the Titans is that I've been very pleased with Matt's voicing in other designs, so I feel comfortable that his acoustic aesthetic matches mine pretty well. No slight intended to Jeff Bagby (and I may do an 88-special as my center channel). I'm historically a music guy, but movies are important too.

    Other considerations are directivity and headroom, where the Titans have an edge. The tradeoff is the bottom end. I think my existing sub may run out of steam trying to keep up.
  8. hey gregg,
    yes its hard going in blind (well deaf) when buying audio equipment and although i understand what erich is saying about sound being subjective..... reviews and opinions are really all we have to base decisions on.

    i've spent way too much time (according to the head oriface) researching what/how/why/when so i usually feel confident enough that the end result will be satifactory. is jeff bagby known for an edgy sound? i know he's well respected on the pe forum.....i also know he's had some health issues so i'm not sure i want to pester him.

    erich, i've seen where you posted back a ways that you were going to build a set of maximus 12 for your living room.....did that ever come to fruition? and if so maybe you could give a broad description of their sound......i know you try not to show favoritism.
    my current speakers are burhoe blues.....they are unforgivingly accurate which can come across harsh on some recordings.....i really prefer accuracy over 'fluff' and for that i just don't listen to any bad recordings...we have a 'house' system for that .....this will be my 'hands off' hot rod !

    i don't believe headroom will be a issue i've picked up a parasound halo int to run this....it has 160wpc of clean juice and with the 20 amp dedicated circuit i'm running through a furman elite 15 conditioner which is supposed to hold a 45 amp reserve!

    i don't think i'll need subs but i may add a single 15 (or 18) just to break up the synergy effect.

  9. ok well, tried just going ahead and ordering the max 12 and website says that ordering two kits is not an option?

    is there only one kit left?
  10. I think Erich is working on the site at times, so likely a temporary issue. Contact him directly to find out for sure.
  11. i don't know whats going on......i can't seem to get a straight answer out of him.

    not sure if he's out of stock of parts for the maximus 12, or if he just doesn't think i'm handi capable enough.

    i asked him about maybe tweaking the crossover and using the dna 450 in the cinema 10 to make it better for music and i think he might of fried a resistor!

    apparantly just asking of such changes is a no no ?
  12. Making one off changes to designs is risky, and sets a dangerous precedent. Once they have it dialed in, which takes a lot of time, people know what to expect. Any changes will cost them time (a.k.a. money) and potentially a design that doesn't quite work. You and I are nice guys, sure, but the internet is full of people who will write a bad review, which can be death to a small company. I sometimes probe for ideas too, but kind of expect not to get much response. I'll keep trying though. ;^) I can say, having built a number of their designs now, that they put a LOT of care and effort into every aspect of them.
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    appreciate the insight gregg,

    yah i certainly don't mean any disrespect.....just trying to get it right for my application.

    i've been researching using pro drivers in a home environment for yrs now, i've used a pro driver to replace unobtanium 10" woofers in my burhoes (and yes i tried human huw's replacements) ended up with some dayton pa255-8 10" (on sale $30!) spent a month voicing the crossover with the math then by ear......i've ground up'd a couple other speakers over the yrs so i definately appreciate what goes into making a good sound.
    sometime soon i intend on getting some measurement equipment, to be able at least inform myself what i'm screwing up!

    thats why i'm here.....to learn and absorb the greatness!

    hopefully i didn't po erich too bad!

    sorry erich....my bad!

  14. I doubt you upset him in any way. If you did, I've probably done it 10x over. :^) e.g., asking about a more upscale 6.5" for the Titan, but then I have to remember that some of the best speakers I heard had modest components in them (John Bau's Spica TC-50, for example, or VMPS systems before the high end craze hit). Of course, some had amazing components as well, like an ATC 3" dome midrange, or Dynauio D-54s on an Edgar horn. I still have a couple of those drivers...somewhere.
  15. still trying to get a definative answer on the maximus 12's .....hopefully he's got a set left.
  16. well with all the waffling i've done i could open a breakfast joint!

    pulled the trigger on a pair of cinema 10 max, and a pair of those 15" eminence subs......oughta make some kinda noise!

    just sent the check so that is.......my final answer!
  17. There you go then. I was going to suggest HTM-12s for the top, with your new 15s for the bottom. Can't wait to hear the results.
  18. when we were going back and forth trying to figure out what would do me justice i mentioned i liked the cinema 10's and the response was..... "those sitting on the upcoming 15's would be pretty crazy"

    i like that!
  19. 'nuff said! :^)
  20. Well just got the fedex tracking #’s for a set of cinema 10’s and a set of the 15’s to go under them......prolly gonna be a couple weeks b4 I start putting it together.

    Got a couple questions for Ryan Bauma (tuxedocivic) but he doesn’t seem very active recently?

  21. Life will keep me from starting my build right away too, but I like suspense.

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