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  1. Thanks for the info. I might give that a try. If I also get around to measuring them outside again, I'll try gating the response a bit and taking more measurements. Thanks for your help.
  2. Well, I ordered the parts. Hopefully I'll get them installed next week. Not sure when outside measurements will be completed.
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    some great information here.
    i have a few questions about room setup:

    what is the recommended minimum room size and distance to front and side walls?
    also , how far to sit from them to integrate properly?

    and lastly : how does the titan compare to the vortex 15 for music, just sonic quality ?

    sorry lots of questions, i will probably do a search on avs also to get some info....

  4. Did you have a chance to test out the crossover part revisions for the dual woofer version? I'm finally getting around to building mine and wanted to order the replacement components before I start soldering. Thanks for the extra time you've spent testing these!
  5. No I haven't due to a lack of motivation to carry these back upstairs and outside. Especially now that it's cold.

    I will say that now that I have had some time to play with these a while, I'm not sure I would suggest the mod anyways. I have found that with the second woofer added and the crossover of that woofer up to 300 Hz, they still sound a bit bloated until I got them eq'd flat down to 100Hz. Any rise that starts above 100Hz I found undesirable. Specifically noted in deep voices such has Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels and Chrisjen Avasarala from the Expanse. Their voices just sound boomy and not accurate. Additionally, it was noticeable during orchestral pieces like the imperial march or the Hanz Zimmer performance of Pirates of the Caribbean. The brass didn't feel like it had the presence it should until I got the eq down flat to 100Hz.
  6. Totally understand.

    I'm building mine now with the only crossover mods being the omission of the 33-ohm MF R2 resistor, the MF C1 cap increased from 18uf to 22uf and the MF R1 resistor decreased from 6-ohm to 4-ohm (all recommended by Erich/Matt). Once built I'll throw some measurements and feedback up here.

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