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  1. I picked up 3 yesterday, so they might be sold out.
  2. Erich posted about that over at AVS:

    "I didn't want to put too many in stock for the first time because I'm still experimenting a bit with how to package these up. Plus I don't have a big supply of the compression drivers. I ordered more of the compression drivers about 5-6 months ago but they aren't here yet. 2 weeks ago I was told they would be in the US on March 23rd but got an email a couple days ago saying it was pushed back to the first week of April. So I don't want to over promise anything right now."

    So there should be more available soon.
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  3. Ahh that's good news! Thanks for the update.

    Now having read that AVS forum I'm starting to second guess the 818s especially if the Vortex 15s come in significantly cheaper. I love the titan design but the Vortex has a higher WAF and if I'm only giving them 300-400 watts a piece what am I really missing? It may come down to whichever gets listed first!
  4. Matt, question for you. I was looking at specs on the midrange and it looks like the freq response is 800 to 5,000Hz but the crossover on the Titans is at 350hz. Is that ok or does parts express have the specs on the TF0818MR wrong?
  5. Those specs are provided by Celestion and I'm not sure how they calculated that frequency range for this driver but it's certainly not the range you can get out of driver.

    The midrange waveguide used in the Titan-818 does add some useful extension and output and I find it has no trouble playing down to 350hz and keeping up with the woofer and compression driver.
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  6. Hey Guys, I stabbed my 15” driver during final assembly. If I wanted to match the other two (and I do) can I just get the $250 Eminence Kappalite driver from Parts Express or is there a custom driver at play here?

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  7. That may be fixable with some Goop adhesive, should just need a thin layer to hold the surround together.

    Otherwise you may be able to get a replacement driver from Erich.
  8. Thanks Matt. I’ll try the Goop while I wait for Erich to get back to me.
  9. Do you need multiple subs with the Titan 818LX or will one with help round out the deep end. I'm just going wait for the Titans and looking to move forward with my sub/subs now. Going with GSG Audio. If i need multiple then I will go with 21" Full Marty's and if one would do then i will go with one Devastator.
  10. Multiple subs would be best. If you're getting the Titans you could get your subwoofers/flat packs from the same place. :)
  11. Are you planning on coming out with a 21" flat pack?
  12. They've been done for a while, I just haven't posted them on the site yet.
  13. Is the VBSS 18 used for the Titan 818LX?
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    Would it be possible to shrink that woofer to a 10"/(2) 8" and make it a matching surround for a Titan? What is the minimum depth of the waveguide assembly with the compression and midrange attached?

    Could you get away with running the 8" lower and remove the woofer all together for a surround?
  15. One of the bass enclosure options for the 818LX is a VBSS style enclosure but the designs do not use the same woofer.

    The midrange driver is sealed back so it can't play much lower then what it's currently crossed at. The waveguide isn't designed to to be mounted in a shared airspace with a woofer so you can't use a normal 8" driver on it and run it as a 2-way for the same reasons. Using a pair or four smaller woofers with these waveguides has been discussed before but nothing has gone past just talk.

    I'll double check the depth measurement.
  16. I was thinking of using an additional 8" in a small enclosure, not replacing the original 8" midrange still keeping it a 3-way design. Maybe a 10" in a shallow depth sealed enclosure with the 2-way assembly attached.
  17. Were the Titan's really in stock this weekend? I was on vacation:(

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