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  1. Hey Matt, would there be a sound difference when mixing original birch and MDF low frequency boxes? I'm really trying to figure our how to fit these Titans as surrounds. I have 3 LCR and would really like all 7 or better yet Atmos to be the same speaker. Not easy to find baltic birch sheets. The original 21" depth will have me down to two chairs instead of 3 for a row. My goal is to run the same speaker at full range for the base layer.
  2. MDF is perfectly fine, shouldn't make much difference at all.
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    Hi @Matt Grant. Steve Smith at Home Theater Gurus is designing my room. He's asked me if the waveguide on the Titan can be toed-in. Can that be done independently from the rest of the enclosure? He's trying to figure out if the whole cabinet needs to be turned so he knows how much to allow for the wall in the front of the room.
  4. Yes the top waveguide portion can be toed-in independently from the woofer cabinet.
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