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  1. Hey guys , new to the forum. would appreciate opinions on the ultimate home theater system from seos speakers. thinking 1299 for fronts and 8 ht 12s for surrounds.also 4 ht tubas for bass?
  2. I know you said SEOS, but if you have the room for the 1299s, I would go with the Titans. Not sure you need the HT 12s for surrounds as the HT 8s or 10s should be plenty, but it all depends on the size of the room.
  3. thank you luisV for your reply.didnt think about titans. Im leaning towards the titans and the
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  4. opps ,the volt 10s for surrounds.not sure about mixing point source and waveguide speakers together? my basement room will be 31'×33'. so in your opinion, should I go with volt 10s or ht 10s? thanks.
  5. HT-10>Volt-10 in nearly all aspects except vertical dispersion which makes the Volt-10 better for use a atmos speakers.
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