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  1. Hi all, ive just developed some quite radical bass bins for a new small pa system that needs to be ready in Febuary, I am now looking for something different on top, the unity/synergy horn looks to be about right but there doesn't seem to be many legible plans online, I was wondering if anyone on here fancied helping out a tired old man with some plans or good avice, many thanks.
  2. It is a patented design owned by Tom Danley so you won't find any plans available. Out of sheer respect for TD; people won't violate the patent. Your best bet is to read the various threads under 'Horns and Waveguides' on this site where many people have tried similar concepts.
  3. Look up bwaslo's CoSynes, which I believe are documented on this forum.
  4. I am right there beside you. Got the subs cleared out, and have fallen in love with the Unity horn. Having read numerous threads on the subject, I tried to do calculations in horn response. Couldn't quite figure it out, and am now kind of dead locked.
    I would like to use the Eminence Alpha-8 driver and the 4550 compression driver. But the FANE Sovereign 8-125 also seems like a possible choice. If that works I can't find out...
    Please keep this thread updated for sharing info!

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