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Discussion in 'Home Theater Speaker Kit Information' started by 18Hurts, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. A few questions to clear my feeble mind about the upcoming HTM Center,

    From the information I have gathered, it would seem to be a 2-way design with a specially designed horn to solve the center-to-center issues with traditional MTM hornizontal designs. The 10 inch woofer option seems to be in the lead since 16 ohm woofers are available but getting HTM-8 woofers in 16 ohms is not likely.

    OK, just because I'm curious--how wide will this new proposed horn be and approx. what will be the crossover point? If using the same 10 as the HTM-10, that should push efficiency up to 98dB and if using the Delta 10, it will jump even higher so no worries about that.

    Any additional information would be helpful, availability of the center (summer? fall? or end of year?) Very curious, this is my year to build a center so trying to cover all my bases. The HTM 10 in 8 ohms would be narrower when laid horizontally VS the 1099 which makes it easier to squeeze into my furniture. A bit overkill to use an HTM 10 with L/R provided by the HTM-8 but one must work around the TV.

    Keep up the good work with the flurry of new designs, new website and more options--happy (Chinese) New Year!

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