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  1. Most of these could be well known to many of you, but for the newbie looking for stuff to read here are my favorites. I will create a separate thread for measurement software:

    Best collection of web apps for speaker design:

    Transmission Line basics:

    More transmission line stuff:

    A pioneer of speaker design:

    Here is great info on fullrange designs:

    Stuff for the french speaking:

    Source for ideas:

    Where a lot of our art started:

    A good general info UK-site :

    Thiele Small when using multiple woofers:

    Feel free to add your own resources. Try to avoid forums in this thread. While there is good info that can be gleaned, it is really tough to separate "personal opinion" and "reproducable in my living room"! The mega Econowave thread is a great example of tons of factoids.
  2. Good set of links, Rowuk. We should figure out how to make this thread a "sticky".
  3. Excellent looking information, thanks!

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