Volt - 10 LX for stage monitors?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by sonusman, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Hello, new here and happened upon this site when searching for small, 10" coaxial drivers to possibly build stage monitors for a club I provide a sound system for.

    My need is for a VERY tight sounding, smooth response monitor for primarily vocal monitoring in a small club. A coaxial design seemed best because of the consistent directionality of point source. My main complaint of big name brand products from like Yamaha, JBL, EV, etc...is that these boxes tend to sound better starting about 12' away or more, and seem to have a hollowed out sound, with FAR too much midrange for stage monitoring of vocals. I am looking for a box with a tighter/smoother response that can also handle around 400-500 watts (continuous)

    I was eye-balling the Volt 10 XL with the angled flat back boxes as a decent monitor? The size, weight, and power seem to be what I need. Not being familiar at all with this product, I wonder if they are robust for a club environment though. The stage monitors are moved to storage after every show, and of course, you have a bit of unpredictability with vocalists. I have limiters on my digital eq's that would feed the amplifiers, so I can tame sudden jumps of excessive volume, but those can't be set too low as they will engage far more often than is wanted.

    Anyway, does anybody have experience using this box as a stage monitor for vocals? Most of the music is lower volume Americana/Bluegrass/Country type.

    Thank you in advance for your input.
  2. While I think the Volt-10's might have the sound you are looking for and while I have tested them with about 400w input which they handle fine I have not tested anything at that level for more then a few minutes as I don't expect those kind of power levels for prolonged periods for home audio or home theater usage.

    The woofer is rated for 500w program, so that should not be an issue, the simulations show that the compression driver shouldn't see too much power but it's also not very big and can't dissipate much heat. How that compression driver holds up for extended use would be my biggest concern.

    If you do end up trying them please report back with how they do and if they seem to be holding up.

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