Volt-6/8/10 Coaxials Assembly Tips & Info Thread

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  1. You don't have to do anything special to any of the passive crossovers on the Volts if you run the woofers in an infinite baffle. That said the Volt-6 and Volt-8 will only play down to about 120hz in an IB or sealed enclosure so it's best to crossover to a sub at or above that range. Only the Volt-10 will play down to and can crossover at 80hz in a sealed or IB alignment.
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    I already Own 3 Volt-10LX version one, can i modify them to match new ones or is it better to just re-purchase new kits?
  3. For the new Volt 10 V2 crossover does anyone know if I have the black inductor or the bare copper inductor in the right location? Or does it not matter?

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  4. Does not matter, they should be the same value.
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  5. Regarding when to use the small cabinet Atmos capacitors with the Volt 10 V2. The diysoundgroup sealed angled cabinet has an internal volume of .57 cuft. The Atmos box has .49 cuft. I assume a volume under .5 cuft is when the Atmos or small enclosure capacitors are needed? Otherwise those two cabs have pretty much the same volume.
  6. You can add the capacitor if you want, it's really even optional for the Atmos flat pack. It does help extend the bass response a little and remove the high Q bump from the small enclosure but the audible improvement is likely minimal.
  7. I'm building columns over finished drywall to house new version Volt 6's (in enclosures) as side and rear surrounds. I'm trying to keep total cabinet depth at 6" - If I make the back panel 1/2 inch, can this goal be accomplished? The Volt's are in my cart waiting...

    Also, I am intrigued by the idea of Volt 6's paired with the Dayton passive radiators. Am I correct that all passive radiator designs are sealed vs ported? How much better is the low end response over the stock Volt 6? Seems like a pretty inexpensive upgrade for a big improvement in low end response...
  8. Yeah the Volt-6 should be able to fit in a 6" deep cabinet no problem, it's 4.5" deep overall with the compression driver on the back.

    The passive radiators take the place of the port and function similarly. Due to the larger cabinet volume of the PR design it should give a little bit more bass output then the stock ported flat pack but slightly less then a similarly sized and tuned ported enclosure due to resistive losses from the passive radiators.
  9. Hello all. I'm building my first set of speakers using volt 6s for atmos. Would it be wise and safe to simply use two pan head screws through my ceiling mounting bracket into the back of the speaker cabinet?

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