Volt 6 and 8 ported and 10 isn't

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  1. I have two questions, first is why are the Volt 6 and Volt 8 ported and the Volt 10 isn't ported. I thought they would have the same setup just smaller driver.

    If using Volt 6 or 8 as atmos, can you turn the box on its side and point at the MLP? Or would that not be good, I see no difference, but thought I'd ask. Or don't you need a port if you are using them for atmos?
  2. The Volt-6 and 8 need to be ported in order to hit 80Hz. The driver used in the Volt-10 can do it without being ported (though your certainly free to build a ported enclosure for greater bass extension and output). The Volt-6 and Volt-8 atmos flatpacks give up some bass extension for the sealed atmos flatpacks and are best crossed over at or above 120hz.

    The Volts can sit upright or sideways, or tilted any angle at all really, the dispersion from those drivers are conical in shape so the rotation of the enclosure does not matter.

  3. Matt I just received a pair of Volt 8’s this week. But I think when i ordered i didn’t select the port option (whoops). I plan to use as atmos and do not want to cut into my ceiling because we may not stay much longer in this house.
    Any suggestions on the way to best port these without the ones that came from Erich? Suggestions on box size? I plan on just mounting them on the ceiling down fire and see how it goes

  4. I guess would be to go rounded port and use a hole saw, probably be easiest. Thats if you wanted to go the rounded port way. If you wanted the other port, you probably would need to use a jigsaw to cut the hole open.
  6. On the port you mentioned and just got in....

    Are you able to tell me the diameter? I’m not sure the tolerance on the compression of the splines..... parts express didn’t have and diagrams of the part

    also any difference between placing these in the face of the speaker vs side wall. If side wall placement is far enough from the speaker?


  7. Shouldn't be too much of a difference if you wanted to put the port on the side vs the front of the cabinet.

    The cutout is a little tricky. I measured one of mine and it was 3-25/32" diameter. But I usually cut it a little small (3-3/4") and sand the opening to the correct size in order to ensure a nice snug fit.

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