Volt 6 ceiling speakers: recessed and angled?

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    Getting ready to build volt 6 speakers for atmos duty. Plan is to use the included ported baffle and 3/4" material to build a 8"w x 12"h x 7.5"d enclosure. This will go into a backer box at an angle, about 20 degrees, and then installed in the ceiling. The hole in the ceiling would be around 10 or so inches to try and compensate for the angle. The port will be half exposed but the woofer will be fully open to the room. I know the recommendation is to flush mount and recess the volt 6 because it has very little baffle correction but I was wondering if I could get away with this. Has anyone else done something similar? Did it sound ok?


  2. see you didn't get any replies. Just ordered my volt 6's for surround. got the angled flat pack and considering recessing somewhat similar to your pictures.
  3. Something like this will work, but I would recommend leaving the opening of the recessed frame the full square if you can as the smaller round opening can cause some diffraction and additional resonances. I would also recommend lining the inside of the recessed frame with thick damping material (Fiberglass, acoustic foam, denim, Rockwool, etc.).
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  4. Thanks for your input Matt, it helps to dissuade me from that approach. My plans now is to recessed at least half of the speaker box into the ceiling. I'll draw something up and post tomorrow.
  5. Morning,
    Forgive my crude sketch....Two questions.
    1. Am i going to have to take any additional steps to similar to your previous recommendations?
    2. Also, how forgiving would my placement be in regards to the sweet spot? as you can see I still have an old couch for now...planning on adding two row of seating in the near future. 20 degrees a possibility?
    Thanks again..
    IMG_0829.jpg IMG_0830.jpg IMG_0834.jpg

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