Volt 6 LX Crossover/high sound Issue?

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  1. Hi,

    I purchased some Volt 6 LX's a few weeks ago and got them built up and overall they are amazing speakers but I've had some trouble with then and hoping someone can over some advice or help.

    At first it looked like I had a bad capacitor which was replaced and then confirmed that I had a bad amplifier. Once those were corrected the speaker was working perfectly. However, after that one was working the sound stage seemed to be pulled to the right , which is were this "good" speaker was. It kept happening song to song and I thought I was going crazy but sure enough something was wrong with the treble output.

    Things i've tried:

    1. Verified that the amplifier channel isn't he issue. I switched between left and right signals and the sound stayed the same. Good speaker sounded fine bad speaker still sounded bad.

    2. Switched the compression drivers between good and bad speakers. Seems the CD is fine and sounds correct on the "good" speaker.

    3. Replaced all the capacitors on the "bad" speaker board. No change in sound from the high speaker.

    4. Verified positive and negative connections.

    The sound basically sounds more muffled and or at a lower decibel level. This sounds like the low and high would be switched, except it's not that pronounced. When I listen to just the CD out of the speaker box it's very obvious something is wrong. The sound is scratchy, the vocals are tiny sounding, and the sound isn't full compared to the CD on the other speaker when also out of the box. It's a very very obvious difference.

    Since i know the CD is good and the amp, it can only be the Crossover. Anyone have any recommendations? Thank you.

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  2. How do all of the solder joints look? If you had a cold solder joint I guess it could do that. Did you check all of the caps wih an LCR meter before installing them?

    Did you check all the caps with an LCR meter before you installed? Have you checked for any cold solder joints? You've confirmed the woofers are also OK? (They play quite high so who knows). If you have push on connectors you can use the xover that is good to verify all drivers are working.

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