Volt 6's as floor-standing mains w/ a Volt 8 center

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    I picked the Volt 6's based on their size. I have some older Definitive Technology towers(BP7004) that had been sitting around for years as I outgrew the sound of the mids/tweeters. I noticed the the standard ported V 6 boxes diamensions were very close to the towers so I cut the top module containing the mids/tweets off and grafted the Volt 6's on. I had to add a piece of 5/8" plywood to one end to make them match almost perfectly.

    Now, the wide side faces the listener instead of the narrow end.
    I covered the speaker with a new grill cloth(sock) and capped the top w/ the original top cap.
    Since I am a terrible wood worker, it was nice to only have to rough finish and primer the box;
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    I first tried the Volts w/ the port blocked, but they sounded much better(fuller) w/ the ports open.
    The powered 10 inch woofer and 2 passive resonators have a low pass @ 80 Hz. and run off the speaker level wires. That means the Volts have no high pass and I was worried that playing them full range might be too much for them, but I needed not to have worried as they do just fine powered by my 50 W RMS Marantz receiver.
    Knowing nothing about co-axials, I now understand that radical cone movement is controlled by the stiff surrounds and it's nice not to see the cone bouncing around like crazy.
    There is a slight null around 80 Hz, but it is not really audible. I did have to set the gain on the powered woofers to max to match the efficient Volts and the end result is they blend well.
    I was using three of Curt Campbell's Aviatrix sealed MTM's across the front which use the very nice Dayton RS28F tweeters and I think I am giving up a little "sweetness and air" on the top end, but the Volts deliver awesome mid-bass punch the Aviatrixs w/ their dual 5.25" woofers couldn't come close to matching.
    The Volt 8 I covered with an old grill sock I had and capped the ends w/ bamboo cutting boards to match the look of the mains.
    Overall, I'm very happy w/ the results and would say to anyone w/ size restraints to go with the 6's as mains, as they play plenty loud. Just don't expect much below 80 Hz as they roll off quickly below that value.
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  3. I like your "just do it" approach! It's cool to see, and unfortunately, rare. Now, I'm curious about your listening impressions.Keep us informed..

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