Volt 8's Complete

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  1. Just wanted to give Erich and the DIY SG crowd some props. This was my first build and took a few months of confidence gained from surfing here so thanks to all. Just completed my Volt 8's to replace my bookshelf rears and simply amazing. Much broader sound stage. Recognized immediately by the wife and kids. Now on to the 88 Specials... been staring at the crossover for a couple days now... lol.

    Room is 15x15x12 with carpet floors, curtain sides, bass traps all four corners, 2'x4'x4" (2" fiber with 2" space from wall) on rear wall and ceiling hangers. Throwing an Epson 5030ub onto a 120" Jamestown Screen. Current audio using a lightweight Denon e300 (Denon 3311 in route) powering a Sony bookshelf surround with tower L/R, a large center and dual Acoustech PL-200.

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  2. The room... work in progress...

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