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  1. Hi Matt I am in a similar kind of position.. I have ordered my volt 6's for my back surrounds. I need to keep the box as shallow as possible so I was thinking of 5 inches deep (internally) . Is this possible? I am building custom boxes so if I have the depth at 5 inches what would the width and height need to be in order to achieve the performance it should without any compromises? Thank you Matt.
  2. It would be tight but doable, the Volt-6 overall depth is 4.5".

    Assuming 5" internal depth, I'd make it around 10" wide and 14" tall, or 9" wide and 16" tall, that's external assuming 3/4" material. You could shave off 1/2" from those figures if using 1/2" panels.
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  3. Matt, I am trying to decide between the Volt8 or 10. I am needing to use an angled flat pack because I am limited to mounting the two Volts as my only surrounds mounted to the ceiling firing them downward and across the listening positions. They are being pared with 1099s for my front LCR. I will most likely be using an 80Hz crossover. So I would like a solid response down to 80Hz.
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    It has been brought to my attention that my question above is not accurate. What I meant to ask for is advice regarding my placement situation and which kit would work better.
    With the woofer cone/waveguide being so close to the ceiling and having possible reflection issues.

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