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  1. Holy cow, lucky day! I was just like I wonder if these are back in stock....

    Just nabbed 2xVolt 10 that I am going to use for Atmos!
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    Has anyone had any success with hiding atmos speakers in the ceiling?

    My current Polk 6" ones have a white metal grill that do a decent job - I can only think of a colour matched speaker cloth stretched over the Volt to help tuck it away....

    These should work and the grill should pop overtop, maybe not the mounting ring...Fits a speaker with a maximum outer diameter of 10-1/4''


    Does anyone know the distance between the mounting holes?

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    I have four V1 Volt10 kits. I'm planning to get another four for atmos. Any reason to use one over the other for atmos or surround duty?
  4. I just got a pair of Volt 8's, no boxes or baffles. I can't seem to find their ideal box size for the ported ones or round port sizes needed?
    I will be using them as wides in my system.
    thanks for anyones help!
  5. The ports included in the Volt-8 kits are oval shaped. Ports for other size enclosures would need to be sized for the particular tuning selection.

    From post #2 in this thread:

    “Volt-8 Works well in ported enclosures between 0.4cuft (tuned to 65-70hz) and 1.0cuft (tuned to 55-65hz).“
  6. Ya but I have no access to the oval ones. I was hoping someone had a build to an optimal size and had the port length figured out do something I could get at Home Depot etc.

  7. Actually, I was mistaken. The volt-6 slanted kits come with the oval ports. The volt-8 kits come with two of these ports:


    I just measured mine at slightly over 3.5” long each. So I am thinking the instructions indicate a 3.5” long length.
  8. I want to build a fun project this summer, and thought of something like the Soundboks (Im not allowed to post links, but its a portable speaker)

    I have the Volt-10 kit with crossovers and four of these ports: Speaker Cabinet Port Tube 2-1/2" ID x 8-1/2" L Flared

    What internal volume do I need to get an F3 of 45-50 hz?

    The baffle dimensions will obviously be different than what is intended for the Volt-10's, but could it work to use the crossovers, or should I do changes to them?
  9. You will want a cabinet of 2 - 2.5cuft (assuming a single driver), using all four ports at full length.

    The stock crossover should work.
  10. I was thinking two drivers. Still 2 - 2.5 cuft per driver? Two ports per driver. If it gets too big I can settle for a higher F3 to get the size down.
  11. Yes if using two drivers 2-2.5cuft per driver. If you wanted to use two ports per driver they should be cut to 4" long.

    Actually 3.5cuft total should come in right around 50hz, 3cuft (~1.5 per driver) will result in an f3 of ~54hz if cutting the ports to 5" long.
  12. Excellent! I will sketch something up. Thanks!
  13. Volt10s for surrounds and Volt8s for atmos.
    Can the Volt8 be ceiling mounted in an IB for atmos or should I build enclosures?

    Also, the Volt10s won’t fit all of the way into the wall, due to depth constraints. Can I build a thick baffle that acts like a spacer and only have a hole in the wall small enough for the compression driver or should the hole in the wall be as large as I can make it?

    Thirdly, should I consider porting any of these to better pair with my Titans, or they’ll be fine without ports?

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  14. With everything being consistently out of stock, I went ahead and jumped on four of the sealed Volt 10`s when they popped up on the AVS classifieds. They will be used as surrounds when my new stands come in, but for now I have three in the LCR position to try them out. I have read recently quite a bit on them lacking for certain applications. In my two days of dialing them in and listening though, they are awesome and outshine the Klipsch RP-280f`s and RP-450C by a huge margin. I have never heard dialog so clear and clean, I watched a couple of very familiar movies and picked up nuances that I had never heard before. To say I`m happy with them is an understatement. I was really wanting the Vortex or 1099 for the front stage, but again the availability was non-existent. I did manage to snag a "good" deal on three of the JTR 212HP-LP`s for this role. I`m hoping I will have them in a couple of weeks. It takes forever to get stuff up here to Alaska. The great crew over at GSG audio is helping with the logistics of shipping from the seller. I`m really grateful to many in our small DIY audio community.
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  15. Volt 10, connection of the high frequency driver.

    This may be obvious to some but there is a red line marked one connection of the Celestion driver and i suppose this is plus because of the red marking or?
  16. Yes the red mark indicates the positive terminal.
  17. Have anyone tried removing the dust cap? I like the look of coaxial speakers without the dust cap.
  18. There are minimal performance concerns removing it, you may get a hair more output in the top octave. That said it's glued on so I don't know if you can remove it without damaging the paper cone.
  19. Hoping someone can chime in. I want to build atmos using parts from my angled volt 6's, and just order / build something else for my surrounds.

    I guess I have a couple of q's. I will likely need to angle them to the primary seating. Can I use the same parts? Are the dimensions of the volt 6 atmos outside dimensions using 1/2 ply? Finally, has anyone just mounted the ported angled speakers on ceiling for atmos? They seem a little bulky for this, imo. Otherwise I will need to make new boxes.


  20. I need to make some odd (triangle) shaped Volt-6s to fit in a wall at an angle. The cabinets will be smaller than standard, and I've read the notes on cabinet size for a sealed unit.

    However, what if I were to use the front baffle that comes with the Volt, and includes a port? Would the smaller cabinet and port make them not work properly at all, or would they just lose a bit of bass, so I'd need to cross them over higher?

    Thanks :)
  21. Yes the parts are the same between those versions, the cabinets is the only difference.

    Volt-6 atmos uses 1/2" cabinet with a 3/4" baffle.

    I swear I have seen someone mount the angled volt-6 cabinets to the ceiling for atmos before, they can certainly work like that.

    The smaller cabinet volume would raise the port tuning but it would still work, you just might need to use a 100-120hz crossover instead of 80hz. Though it also largely depends on the room and placement as to what kind of bass extension you get in that range, it's possible you could still get a usable 80hz from the speaker.
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  22. Matt I think it was Mike M.
  23. I don't see the Volt10 on the site anymore, has it been discontinued?
  24. I'm waiting on woofers and compression drivers for the Volt-10 and not sure how long it will be before they're back up on the site. I ordered some compression drivers over 6 months ago and they still haven't arrived, so it's tough saying when the Volt-10 stuff will get here. Because of that I thought it made more sense to just take them down until I have everything again.
  25. Ok, I couldn't get a good shipping option arranged to Canada. So I planned on waiting until my parents snow bird. Hopefully supply issues will be solved by the spring and I can get 4 shipped to them and they can bring them back in the spring.

    If they weren't sticking around though I would be in a panic to source the individual parts myself since I have 4 boxes minus the baffle getting drywalled into my ceiling this weekend.

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