Volt Coaxial Speaker Kits

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  1. Holy cow, lucky day! I was just like I wonder if these are back in stock....

    Just nabbed 2xVolt 10 that I am going to use for Atmos!
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    Has anyone had any success with hiding atmos speakers in the ceiling?

    My current Polk 6" ones have a white metal grill that do a decent job - I can only think of a colour matched speaker cloth stretched over the Volt to help tuck it away....

    These should work and the grill should pop overtop, maybe not the mounting ring...Fits a speaker with a maximum outer diameter of 10-1/4''


    Does anyone know the distance between the mounting holes?

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    I have four V1 Volt10 kits. I'm planning to get another four for atmos. Any reason to use one over the other for atmos or surround duty?
  4. I just got a pair of Volt 8's, no boxes or baffles. I can't seem to find their ideal box size for the ported ones or round port sizes needed?
    I will be using them as wides in my system.
    thanks for anyones help!
  5. The ports included in the Volt-8 kits are oval shaped. Ports for other size enclosures would need to be sized for the particular tuning selection.

    From post #2 in this thread:

    “Volt-8 Works well in ported enclosures between 0.4cuft (tuned to 65-70hz) and 1.0cuft (tuned to 55-65hz).“
  6. Ya but I have no access to the oval ones. I was hoping someone had a build to an optimal size and had the port length figured out do something I could get at Home Depot etc.

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