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  1. Is there a noticeable difference between the older Volt 6's and the v2? Just curious as I bought some used Volt 6 that was advertised as the v2 but looking at the compression driver and crossover they appear to actually be the older version. I'm just using them for Atmos so I'm assuming it doesn't really matter? And could I ever substitute the newer Celestion CDX1-1010 in if I wanted to?
  2. Not really a noticeable performance gain between those.

    The compression drivers were swapped out because the QC on new batches of the original DNA-150 used were becoming poor with lots of rejects and a response that did not match the originals.
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  3. Maybe a silly question, but I ran out of the supplied wire ends that came with the Volts ... and none of my female spade connectors are big enough to fit on the compression driver. Anyone know which size/brand are sent with the kits? I only need 6 more.
    I emailed Erich, but this may get a quicker response and be valuable for people in the future.
  4. Try parts express. They seem to have the red & black gold spade connectors in various sizes... not postive but probably 1/4"
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  5. Pretty sure these will work. Generic 1/4” quick disconnects from an auto part store or hardware store should work too. I’ll double check the size against my compression drivers but pretty sure David is right on the 1/4”.

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  6. Yeah the Celestion compression drivers use standard 1/4" quick disconnects.
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  7. I have just purchased 4 Volt-6s for my 7.1 set up in my 19' long by 20' wide garage. If my MLP is on a couch with my ear 36"-40" off the floor, how high should I mount the sides and surrounds? And should I use flat or angled boxes?
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    Ear Height. There's a theater builder tool on the audio advice website. It suggested 50" for mine.
  9. So I'm looking to match my Volt 10 surrounds with front LCR's. I might have room for a SEOS 8 or 1" dome tweeter for my center. I have a "mantle mount above the fireplace" scenario making it hard to find a good center channel solution. I was thinking I could put four 6 1/2's in a row but not exactly sure how close to the tweeter. Anyone have any creative ideas?
  10. Does anyone have any suggestions for child proof grills for the Volt-6s?
  11. Steel-Mesh-2-Piece-Grill-for-6-Speaker-Black-260-418 on parts express
  12. Thanks for the help guys. I had bags of smaller connectors for the various other connections and you’re all right, 1/4” worked great.
    BTW- I hooked up two Volt10s and ran them in 2ch just to see how they would sound from 15’ away… wow. I can see how people use these as LCR now. My Titans spoil me, but if I just had a room full of Volt10s and some MBMs, not sure I’d be disappointed at all.
    This screen grab is just the two Volt10s screaming away. Love these speakers.

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  13. What is the go to filling material for the Volt-6?
  14. My goto has always been recycled denim insulation but that's been hard to find for the past couple years. So I just use polyfil and/or acoustic foam. Fiberglass or rock wool/mineral wool potentially work better but are less friendly to work with.
  15. OK, stupid question time. How is everyone connecting the wires to the drivers? Are y'all using disconnects? If so do you crimp them onto the wire, solder them or both? Do you crimp it again onto the driver?
  16. Erich normally throws some disconnects in with the crossover parts.

    If you could not find them the compression drivers use 1/4" and the woofers use 0.205" (but 1/4" will usually work as well). If you get good quality disconnects and have a halfway decent crimper you should only need to crimp the wires to the disconnect. Though depending on the terminals you have for the woofer they may require a light squeeze before inserting them on the woofer terminals in order to fit snugly.
  17. Where can I get good quality disconnects? I tried ones from Home Depot witch I guess are not the good quality ones. I also used pliers to crimp. Several came lose during XO testing. This is not where I was expecting to have problems.

    Thanks for your help
  18. Please recommend a crimping tool also
  19. There are the disconnects I usually use:


    I have these crimpers which I find work nearly as well as my nicer ratcheting crimpers for insulated terminals and certainly better then many of the other cheap crimpers I've used but the wire stripper on that tool is crap and the wire cutter is not great either.
  20. This is a big relief to see your post.
    After the inventory posts and the culling of options on the website, I replied on another thread and sent an email months ago and never heard back. I was wondering if diysg was no more if not at least the volts!

    You're still going to have the 10's when the inventory arrives, right? what about the 6in angle packs for front atmos?
    Other than just checking the site every few weeks, is there any way to get notified when I can get the parts to build a pair of each?
  21. @Matt Grant, could the Volt-6's or 8's be used in a bipolar arrangement in the same enclosure and wired in phase? Would doubling the recommended volume give similar frequency response as the recommended volumes? If so, would there be any considerations beyond low frequency output for a sealed vs ported enclosure? Any particular concerns about off-axis frequency response in this type of arrangement?
  22. Yes you could use them like that, if you double the volume the low frequency response should remain the same. The ported enclosure will still provide more extension and output near it's tuning then a sealed enclosure.

    You will get more output from the midrange frequencies down as I expect the radiation at those frequencies will be more omnidirectional and sum at near all angles. The higher frequencies are more directional and I don't expect much interference between the drivers if the angle between them is large enough. Though the center between the drivers won't have quite the same high frequencies detail as you would off to one side or the other when you are closer to on axis with one of the coaxials.
  23. I have a question I'm looking to build a volt 8 type of speaker from scratch. I was wondering what differences there are between the volt 8 inch coaxial driver and the eminence beta 8cx that you can get from parts express?
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  24. The Volt-8 uses a custom cone, surround and spider but there aren't any huge differences in overall design or performance of the two drivers.
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