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  1. Is there a noticeable difference between the older Volt 6's and the v2? Just curious as I bought some used Volt 6 that was advertised as the v2 but looking at the compression driver and crossover they appear to actually be the older version. I'm just using them for Atmos so I'm assuming it doesn't really matter? And could I ever substitute the newer Celestion CDX1-1010 in if I wanted to?
  2. Not really a noticeable performance gain between those.

    The compression drivers were swapped out because the QC on new batches of the original DNA-150 used were becoming poor with lots of rejects and a response that did not match the originals.
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  3. Maybe a silly question, but I ran out of the supplied wire ends that came with the Volts ... and none of my female spade connectors are big enough to fit on the compression driver. Anyone know which size/brand are sent with the kits? I only need 6 more.
    I emailed Erich, but this may get a quicker response and be valuable for people in the future.
  4. Try parts express. They seem to have the red & black gold spade connectors in various sizes... not postive but probably 1/4"
  5. Pretty sure these will work. Generic 1/4” quick disconnects from an auto part store or hardware store should work too. I’ll double check the size against my compression drivers but pretty sure David is right on the 1/4”.

  6. Yeah the Celestion compression drivers use standard 1/4" quick disconnects.

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