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  1. okay awesome thanks. I just noticed if I model the 8" driver in WinISD using a sealed cabinet I'm getting about an f3 of about 155Hz with a .233 cu ft box. does that sound right?
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    Hi, @Matt Grant
    I recently purchased four Volt-8's to use as surrounds & will be building thin cabinets for them. I was hoping you could verify my measurements would work.
    Exterior measurements of the cabinets would be: 15" wide x 20" tall x 7.5" deep. I was planning on using 3/4" MDF for the cabinet.
    That appears to give me a cabinet volume of .95 cubic ft if i'm using this Speaker Volume Calculator correctly. I'm guessing I need driver displacement to be more accurate.
    The Volt-8 surrounds will be paired with 1099's for L/C/R along with (at least) two subs, so bass should be handled.

    (I don't think I'm allowed to link to the DIYAudioAndVideo . com SpeakerBoxVolume calculator)

    Edit: forgot to mention i was planning on using 3/4" MDF
  3. That cabinet size and volume should work assuming you are porting it somewhere between 60-70hz?

    I wouldn't worry about subtracting the exact displacement taken up by the driver itself, I always just roughly estimate it as you don't need to be super precise with the internal volume.
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  4. i'll be using the 2" diameter ports that came with it. i think they're supposed to be cut down to 4".

    Thanks for the reply!
  5. Almost done with my Volt-10's. Built a small sealed slanted enclosure. They will be hanging on a wall in my shop, about 10 to 12 feet off the floor. I will have sub woofers to fill in the low end, I am not expecting much bass from these. Probably overkill for a shop speaker, but I did see someone that built a pair of Vortex-15's for the same use, THAT is overkill! :)

    Sanded them to 120 then used two-part wood filler to help with the seems between the pieces and to fill in the holes from the brad nailer. First enclosure I built without using a single clamp. Will hit them with 220 then 320 this weekend then paint them with black satin paint from Home Depot. Nothing fancy, they will be dusty in no time! ;)

    Subs will take awhile, need to go get more MDF. But I have to finish my Vortex-15's first, they are close to completion also. Last piece of veneer arrived today, will get the fronts done this weekend.

    Plan on building two enclosures for the subs, each will have two JBL 12" woofers in them. I purchased 16 of them during Best Buys Black Friday sale. About time to use them in something. :)

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  6. Finally finished the Volt10's. Will hang them on the wall tomorrow. They came out pretty good. Two coats of satin paint then a light sanding, bugs always seem to find their way to wet paint, then two coats of semi gloss. Somehow no bugs this time! :)

    Put the speaker cups on the top, might be able to hide the wires easier in that direction. Didn't want to put them in the side just in case I decide to go from sealed to ported. Don't see why I would ever do that though.



    That speaker covered on the left side is a Vortex-15 that should be finished soon........
  7. Finally hung the Volt-10's today. They sound fantastic Erich and Matt, thanks for this design!
    I will be putting some subwoofers on top of the center three cabinets, will start on those enclosures soon.
    Really can't believe how good these sound up there, very impressed!

  8. Hi Matt, I bought two of the atmos sealed flat packs with only the 3/4" baffle from diysoundgroup. I coudn't find the cut sheet for the box at the site now. What is the cut sheet for the box? I'll be using 3/4" plywood. The boxes will be hanging from the ceiling.

  9. Assuming Volt-8 and if using 3/4" material:
    Back - 10.5" x 10.5"
    Sides A - 10.5" x 6"
    Sides B - 9" x 6"
  10. Thanks for the reply Matt. I should've been more clear on my first post. It's a Volt-6 with the sealed 8.5" baffle. I want to keep the precut baffle. So I need the dimensions of Top and Bottom, Left and Right.

    Thank you!
  11. @Matt Grant

    Do you have the cut sheet for the Volt 6?


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