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  1. Foam Rubber? If it is the a foam similar to a mattress pad then that should be fine. Not sure I know what you mean about gluing it to the exterior.
  2. I know typically you can't change the baffle width on a speaker without issues, but wasn't sure about how a coaxial would be affected so figured I would ask. To fit a Volt 10LX in my surround bracket location I would have to make it 11" wide. Will going from 14" down to 11" be too much of a difference without changing the crossover?

  3. Yes. The 'foam rubber' is a mattress pad from Wal-Mart. Queen size :)
    The baffle is "within" the open ended box on an angle. Therefore the baffle has three side pieces that extend beyond the plane of the driver itself (2 ea triangular pieces and 1 ea rectangular piece . I am using the Triad in-ceiling speaker as a model.

    Please see attachments. The 'overall' drawing at the top is followed by two detailed drawings.

    Thank you for the support! I have the four enclosures built now. I just need to attach the foam, speakers, crossover, and the final side to the enclosure.

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  4. Matt - Yes you can change the baffle width on the Volt-10 down to 11", it does change some things with where the baffle step comes into play but it is not too big of a deal here especially if you are using some form of room correction. Just try and keep the internal cabinet volume roughly the same if possible, if that is not feasible don't worry about that either it will just raise the low end knee a little which is not too big of an issue for surrounds.

    Frank- Ah yes, it is fine to place it there.
  5. What guage of speaker wire works best with that holes on the crossover board? The stuff I have is just too darn big.
  6. Both 18 and 16 gauge should fit, however if you are carful you can drill out the holes to accept larger wire. 3/32" should work with up to 12awg if it is not frayed at all at the end.
  7. On the Volt-6, the tweeter is threaded into the woofer until it is snug. No glue.

    I wondered whether to be concerned with the tweeter becoming loose due to vibration.

    Thank you
  8. Yep just tighten to snug, no glue. I have never had one come loose.
  9. @ mtg90
    For a sealed Volt 6, could the box be 8 x 8 x 5.75, external dimensions, made of 1/2" and using the supplied baffle cut down .
    The xo goes on the outside.

    Any comment wrt stuffing?
  10. Yes that should work fine. Fill box with polyfil, fiberglass or recycled denim. It won't take much but if using polyfil there should be just enough to offer some slight resistance when dropping the driver in. For the fiberglass or denim it should be enough fill the empty space of the box leaving a hole for the driver without much compression of the material (which will increase density and remove enclosure air space).
  11. Hey Matt,

    This may be more of a question for Erich but I figured you might know. Is there a non-angled flat pack for the volt 10 LX? All I can find on the site is the angled flat pack. I'm considering replacing my current side and rear surrounds with the volts but I want to put them down close to ear level since I plan on eventually going with an Atmos setup.

    Thanks! :)
  12. +1 on Carp's request for a non-angled Volt-10 flat-pack for Atmos surrounds/rears. My vote would be a taller profile with a 12" width and same overall volume and average depth. I was also wondering if DIYSG is looking at doing a small Atmos up-firing module that could fit on top of the Volt-10s.
  13. Just received a pair of Volt 6's to experiment with as a Dolby ATMOS module (i.e. ceiling reflecting). Very easy to put these together!
  14. There are some boxes coming that are more of a standard shape versus the angled boxes. If anyone has any recommendations on overall shape, let me know.
  15. I'm going to go ahead and build the boxes with a friends help. I want to go as thin as possible so I'm thinking 8 inches deep, and then 14x14 since we will use the front baffle.

    This gives me an internal volume of .58 cu ft which is just above Matt's recommendation of anything from .5 to 1.2.

    Is that big enough? Is it like subs where this means I need to feed the speaker more power since it is in a smaller enclosure?

  16. Nice!! that's the size I'll go with when we build them tomorrow.

    BTW, what is the dispersion? I'm wondering if these would be good ceiling speakers for Atmos.

    For Atmos I need:

    1. cheap
    2. slim profile speaker
    3. wide dispersion

    I know the Volt fits perfectly for # 1 and 2.
  17. Dispersion is about 90 degrees. Above 8k does tend to fall off a bit quicker then the rest of the range but I doubt that would be too noticeable for basically an effects speaker. And remember 90 degrees is not a hard limit 100-120 will only be a dB or two lower then it is at 90 degrees.
  18. That's a nice sized enclosure for sides and/or ceilings. Way to go Carp will be all Atmos next time I visit.
  19. Cool, thanks for the specifics Matt. Sounds like they would work well.

    Here is our finished product, love how they turned out. We ended up going 8 inches for the depth.




  20. It might be awhile, I want to wait until DTS X gets all hashed out before getting a new AVR and getting speakers for the ceiling. I'm looking forward to it though!!
  21. Anyone know if there is any reason why I can't replace the electrolytic cap on the volt 6 crossover with a polyester or metallized polypropylene one? I imagine it won't make much of a difference sonically, however I like the longevity of the non-electrolytic caps for piece of mind. I have found a few caps with the same values aside from the voltage rating of the cap; all the caps I've found have a higher voltage rating (ie. 160v, 250v, 400v) which I imagine is irrelevant to the design and just fine to use? Thanks!
  22. Yes you can replace that cap with one of those types. As long as the cap voltage rating is the same or higher it will be just fine.

  23. great, thanks Matt!
  24. Figured I post a link to my build thread. I built shallow 7" boxes for the volt 10lx and ceiling baffles. I now have 8 of these bad boys and Atmos is freaking crazy immersive. I tried to take good pics for anyone curious about ceiling mounting.


    Also mtg90, do you have any responses you could post of off axis?

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