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  1. Just got my four Vortex 12s completed!

    Sorry, I don't have an elaborate listening impression to report just yet. I placed one of them (unfinished) in place of my CC behind the screen for a few days though. Sounded really good while I had it there. Now that I have the whole set done, I'll probably put 3 of them in place of my LCR like @MDuyck1292 is doing. I have pretty capable mains so I'll be curious how these sound in comparison. The single CC blended pretty well with the LR after running Audyssey. Voices were very clear.

    Eventually these will be the side and rear surrounds built into decorative pillars along the walls (hence the form factor). External dimensions are 48" tall x 14" wide x 8.5" deep. That gives an internal volume of about 2.35 ft³ not counting displacement of driver, bracing, etc. Port tuning is roughly 57 Hz using the two 3" diameter ports that came with the kit cut down to 3" length.

    I'll post more thoughts after some time listening to them as LCR then again once I move them into the surround positions.


    Vortex 12s_x4.jpg
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  2. Matt, are we any closer to the Vortex 12 kit in the new form factor?
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  3. Another Ryan here.

    I created a design of almost identical dimensions (was thinking 8.25" deep). I was wondering if you could share how you braced the box and if there are any lessons or things I should think about before cutting wood.
  4. Honestly, it took me a while to figure out what bracing I wanted to do. Part of me thought that these cabinets didn't really need any bracing because of the shallow depth. Then I thought I should at least add some along the longest spans and maybe a little across. It also took me a bit to figure out where I wanted to mount the XO and, consequently, the ports. I'll include pics of what I did. Basically a "T" across the lower part of the back panel and a couple left-to-right braces along the front of the cabinet where the front face would touch (all heavily glued and brad nailed). I have absolutely no justification for my method other than "it seemed okay at the time!" That said, the cabinets seem pretty solid. I used Roxul Safe n' Sound as liner because I had several leftover sheets handy -- stapled to the walls. I also spray painted the inside of the cabinet black behind the ports and didn't put any stuffing there. Because of the shallow depth, I didn't want to impede any airflow. I decided that I wanted to mount the XO as close to the driver opening as possible in case I wanted access to the jumpers. That's what determined where the ports ended up in relation to the driver. And then I put terminal cups on the top because I intend to build these into columns and that seemed the likeliest place I could think of for making the wire connections from the wall.

    Hopefully that helps! I really just took my best novice shot. :)

    Boxes_empty.jpg Boxes_lined_01.jpg
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  5. I have one enclosure just about ready for the front baffle for my Vortex-15.
    I purchased a mattress topper from Amazon and I am still waiting for it to fully expand.
    Once I have that cut up and glued in place I will install the two ports and then glue the front baffles on.
    There is no way to get my hands inside to put the flare inlets on the ports once the front baffles are on.

    That picture above is one of the cool things about DIY. We can put things like binding post cups anywhere we like.
    I put binding post cups and SpeakOn connectors on all my large stuff.

    For the DIYSG speakers that have the ability to change the response via jumpers I put switches on the rear of the enclosures so I can very easily try things and never have to open the enclosure to get to them. I have not drilled the two holes yet for the switches in this enclosure but they will be up by the drivers and crossover.

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  6. I thought about wiring up switches too but ultimately took the lazy way out. LOL

    I'm reserving my listening impressions until I get my previous CC back in place (doing that today). The V12s were never intended to replace my LCR but that's what I have to compare to. They sound very good, no doubt, but I want to compare to my other speakers to see what sound I prefer for the front stage.

    I will say, briefly, that the V12s sound GREAT for 2-channel music. No question at all. The stereo imaging they produce is some of the best I've heard. If that's what you're looking for, I would wholeheartedly recommend them. I bet the V15s are every bit as good - and probably even a bit better for that use. I might build my other two V12s into original spec cabinets and put them up against my Maggie 1.6QRs upstairs.
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    @Matt Grant
    I know you said to stuff the upper portion of the enclosure by the woofer pretty heavily, do you have an example? This is the Vortex-15 using your prototype enclosure dimensions.
    I started to stuff one enclosure with mattress topper.
    The top section will have mattress topper on the two sides and the top.
    Not much room on the front baffle with the woofer sitting there, I will take a closer look tomorrow.
    Nothing glued in place yet, just cutting and test-fitting, never used this stuff before. It is nice to work with.

    I found the post from Matt regarding the stuffing, what I am doing should be fine.

  8. That's nice thick stuff so you should be good with that lining the walls. No need to add it to the baffle.
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  9. Thanks Matt. I am not putting any on the baffle by the woofer, just two pieces that will fit in between the braces. I glued them to the baffle then I glued the first baffle to the enclosure today. Those are the two pieces sitting on top.

  10. Thanks Ryan and m4bgringo for the pics.

    I had consider on the narrow column form factor to use something like dowels front to back and that the sides wouldn't need braced (maybe one in the middle of the panel), but I will probably end up with something similar to what Ryan has done.
  11. Well, my version of cake decorating:


    Yes, I did smear it all with a thin paintbrush before laying the outer baffle on. ;)

    And then a lot of clamps. I clamp an area then use my electric brad nailer and move along. I leave some clamps on it over night.


    I have seen people use dowels to brace panels. I'm sure I went over board with my bracing. Didn't want any regrets! :)
  12. Been steadily working on them. Most of the veneer is on, waiting for one more sheet to arrive after I butchered one and cut it in the wrong direction........ :(
    I would have used those piece on the back, but that is where I had started, such is life.

    Laid the ports in place plus the SpeakOn and Binding Post Cups just for a quick photo shot.

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  13. I finally finished 1 vortex cabinet. Temporarily in my home office until I complete all LCR then I'll move it to the living room. Here it is right next to a sledge sub. WAF tip - paint a portion of your cabinet same color as the walls and they will disappear. Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 8.47.54 AM.png
  14. You can't just drop and run on us.
    What did you build the enclosure with?
    I'm going to say Baltic Birch and you masked-off the enclosure so you could paint most of it and stain the front?
    Is that a port hidden on the front baffle?

    Any interior shots?
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  15. I built it with cabinet birch. Baltic is too expensive and I tend to switch speakers around so MDF is out of the question due to weight and durability. The vent is upfront with a 1.5" baffle. The living room is my second listening room. The size of the speaker cabinets is the size of the media cabinets that go across the room - only way my wife would allow me to place 3 cuft speakers in there. Also, I'm a big fan of the Klipsch heritage speaker design. Birch does not stain well so the front is actually leftover Walnut veneer from the sledge sub.

    This is my first time painting plywood. Too much work with multiple coats, sand, etc. I may try the brush on paint and follow up with roller for a smoother finish. I'll try to get photos of the bracing over the weekend while working on speaker 2.
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  16. Yeah, Birch typically does not stain well, that's why I was curious as to what you did there.
    I have been using veneer on a lot of my enclosures, only the stuff I care about. I have stuff that gets painted black or I use Duratex. All depends where they are being used.
    Well, except for the Devestators. I thought about covering them in veneer but it was going to be too much money, so I shot them with Duratex. Since they are big and black and in the corners of my room, people don't even realize they are speakers! :)

    Thanks for the info and the up-coming pictures!
  17. Well, almost ready to assemble these Vortex-15's! All veneer is on, had to wait two weeks for some more after my goof-up... :(
    Stained two days ago, stared to put the Osmo on today.
    With any luck I will assemble them tomorrow. Rears are finished, they still look surprised or scared! :)

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  18. Got the stuff done of the rear of both enclosures today. Will try to get the drivers mounted tomorrow. Getting close! :)

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  19. One done one to go. I tried to remove the ports after the PL had time to cure overnight, they won't budge!

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  20. Looking great my man! Show us more
  21. I thought I put a picture of the twins on here, guess not.


    I moved them to my music room, mainly for protection.
    I have a 40x60x14 shop and a LOT of stink bugs!
    Did you know they secrete a brown liquid? Yeah, they are up on the ceiling and dropping that wonderful liquid on stuff.
    My wife has a white SUV, I thought she parked under a tree and it was sap. Nope! And they got my enclosures before I started to veneer them.
    So they are safe and sound in my room, didn't see any stink bugs in there. Need to rearrange the room and get them hooked-up.
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  22. Man, that’s rough. Loudspeakers look good though! I have a client that regularly asks me to paint speakers white so I feel your pain. Is there any known deterrents you can use (ie citronella candles, aromatic cedar, moth balls, bug zapper)?
  23. I have found nothing, mainly my right foot.
    I did set up a little bath for them which does work.
    I filled an aluminum baking pan with a 50/50 mix of Dawn dish detergent and water.
    I have an LED light shining into it.
    When the sun goes down they are attracted to that light, get in the water, and can no longer fly and drown.
    Every day at dusk I can easily have 20 or more at the two doors with windows, they are trying to get outside and into the light. They don't get there.........
    White speakers would show their little spots, that would really make me mad.
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  24. The
    They look beautiful! How long ago did you purchase the speakers? I haven’t seen them on the website for some time…
  25. I bought a bunch of stuff around Thanksgiving of last year. Would have to look through my emails to find it.
    I bought Volt-6's, Volt-10's, two pairs of Vortex-12's, a single pair of Vortex-15's, a trio of 1099's, and a pair of Apollos.
    I am helping to keep Erich in business. :)

    Oh, and 4 of the 7" Anarchy drivers to build some small subwoofers with.

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