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  1. Were the Vortexes shown on the website at the time? They’re not even listed now, so I’d just assumed they were no longer making them.
  2. Yes, they were listed as closeout. Didn't take long to held Erich get rid of them all.
    It appears Erich is going to talk to Eminence and see what it will cost do to another run.
    I am betting it will be the 12" version, but we shall see.
  3. The last run of Vortex was months ago. If you would like a pair, you probably need to ask around here or avsforum if they are willing to sell their kits. Once I heard the Vortex 12's, I had to get the 15's. I pm and post on here and avs people to get the 3x Vortex 15s.

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  4. Have you built both versions?
    I have my Vortex-15's built, still need to find time to set them up and listen to them.
  5. I”ve only built the 12s. I have another kit (4pi) before I get to the vortex 15s. Btw - asked you a question at the 1099 forum about vortex vs 1099s listening impressions.
  6. Sorry, I didn't see it.
    But, I have not been able to compare them yet.
    Really want to do it this week.
    My laptop died, so I now have a new one. I wanted to run REW on my 1099 setup before I moved it out of the way for the Vortex-15's.
    I may have to skip REW for now so I can listen to the new speakers.
    I'll certainly let you know what I hear between them.
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  7. Just an update, I`m still loving the Vortex-12s in my theater. Can`t really picture a better surround/Atmos speaker. Still hoping the Vortex is brought back someday as either the 12 or 15.

  8. Hi Matt, i'm building a pair of V12 and V15 kits. Noticed the MF pad feature. Intend to not use the MF pad, meaning i will install the jumper. i couldn't help noticing that the MF pad jumper effectively shorts out L3 in the XO.

    Does this mean if i don't intend to use the MF pad, meaning MF jumper installed, i can just leave out L3?

    Taking this one step further, if i also don't intend to use the HF pad, which components does it simplify?

    Apologies for the unconventional question. I actually already bought all the required components, and in the process of building up the XO. If some parts are not needed, i could save them for other projects.

    Edit : I just read your reply above about the jumper bypassing the induction for on wall application, which is what i'm using these for, side and rear surrounds in a 10in deep cabinet.

  9. So the original way I voiced the speaker was no jumpers, this also gives the flattest frequency response. It's best used like this for floor standing applications.

    The MF Pad option was more of an experiment on these, it does bypass the L3 inductor and in doing so removes some of the BSC built into the design lifting the midrange a bit.

    Using HF pad connects R4 in parallel with R3 which pulls the treble down slightly, if you do not intend to use it you can leave the R4 resistor off the board.
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  10. @Matt Grant the precision port calculator suggests a longer port for the Vortex-15 than what your prototype box had. Winisd says the same thing. Are you sure the 2 4" ports at 4" long really gave a 35hz tune?

    I'm building a pair in a little bit smaller enclosures. Guess I'll have to figure out how to test the port tune.

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  11. Yeah the tuning came in much lower then expected, even for the Vortex-12 I had to make the ports about half as long as I initially modeled as the tuning ended up much lower then I wanted when I first tested it.
  12. So for the precision port it's basically the two flared ends together with no center tube. I'll have to try like that first and measure. Thanks.
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  14. There is growing interest in high quality coaxials for both Hifi and HT applications.

    Threads titled Crazy PA Coaxials for Hifi on audio science review forum.

    Videos like this:

    Matt, Erich, the time is right to bring the Vortex kits and the custom Eminence coaxials back!!

    Matt, any chance you still have the off axis polars measurements of the V12 and V15 with less smoothing?

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  15. One more amazing build.

    3x Titan 818 in the screen wall.

    8 x Vortex 12 surrounds.

    6 x Vortex 12 Atmos.

    We now know who bought all those kits....
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  16. Ha ha, that was years ago. I know who built those speakers!
    That video is why I bought my Vortex stuff.
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  17. Hi Matt,

    One of my Vortex 12 is having a gap between the Tw and woofer response. i checked connection polarity - correct. Can you share the crossover schematic to help me troubleshoot where the issue might be?

    Red is the one with dip at ~1.8k, Blue is the other vortex 12 with no problems.

    The pair of Vortex 15 are great too.


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  18. That does look almost like the textbook inverted polarity on the tweeter, or perhaps the woofer is wired backwards.

    I'll PM you the schematic.
  19. Hi Matt,
    What’s the current recommendation for a powerful centre channel? I was thinking the nexus WTMW but seems they’re discontinued?
    Is the HT-12 the choice? How do you get a set, seems to always be sold out. Love to hear how to progress!
  20. The Nexus WTMW was never offered as a kit but it can still be built full DIY. I would not say it's particularly powerful, not on the same level as the designs using the pro style woofers and compression drivers.

    If you are looking for something in a similar form factor to that then the HT-88 would work though placed horizontally dispersion will be more on the narrow side because it's an MTM design so it best if you only need to cover a couple seats or the listening distance is longer.

    If you don't mind a taller design the 88-Special uses the same drivers in a different form factor with the pair of 8" woofers under the larger SEOS-15 waveguide. This design has much better horizontal coverage.

    The HT-12 offers even more uniform horizontal dispersion if the extra height of that model is not an issue.

    Unfortunately availability is limited due to limited part supply issues and order backups from the suppliers. You kind of just have to watch for stock dumps when parts come and a bunch of the kits can be packaged and can be put back in stock. The issue is they go quick when they do come back in stock, they can get posted as in stock and be back out of stock within the same day.
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  21. Hi Matt, i found the problem with my XO, one of the woofer inductor was way off spec. i had problems replying with pictures attached, my posts kept being blocked as spam.

    Thanks again.
  22. Hey Matt,

    Know if the 1099s will ever make an appearance again? It looks like they've been off the site fully for a while

    I've been looking out for the HT-88s, but just seeing if I should instead wait for the 1099s.

  23. The HT-12 is probably my pick! I'll see how I go with the roulette of getting a kit. Are there any notification options? Able to backorder?
  24. Hey Matt,

    I saw an earlier post over a year ago mentioning that there might be a talk to Eminence to see what it will cost do to another run for Vortex 12s.

    Do you know if there is still an appetite or plan to develop more? I'm specifically interested in 12 inch (or larger) high end coaxials, so I was seeing if it would be better on waiting or purchasing from other forum users.

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  25. With the announcement that B&C recently purchased Eminence, I`m going to assume it will not happen. I`m hoping to be wrong, I love my Vortex-12.

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