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  1. They appear to have discontinued the "standard" Kappalite coaxials as well ...
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    Is this driver the equivalent of the Vortex 12?

    I thought the Vortex driver came from Denovo?
  3. I know this is an old thread, but is anyone else enjoying their Vortex 12 or 15s as much as me? They continue to amaze me with their clarity and effortless dynamics.

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  4. Yep, I have a pair of 15's and they are amazing! I really think with all of the great reviews out there now that they would sell a lot better if Eric brought them back again even at the higher price.
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  5. I agree 100%. If Erich offered a flatpack option, that would go a long way toward making the kit more attractive also.
  6. Finally finished my first Vortex-15! This is a simple ported enclosure of 3.5 ft^3 tuned to 38 Hz, destined for center channel duty.
    It sounds absolutely fantastic; balanced and dynamic, with that authoritative presence that seems to come with large woofers even at low levels. I love how the timbre doesn't change appreciably going from sitting to standing, and walking from on-axis to well off-axis. These impressions are just from test listening in mono on the workbench.

    Thank you @Matt Grant and @Erich H ! I'm even more eager now to get the left and right speakers built.
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  7. That looks like a nice build. I would love to hear the Vortex-15s and compare to the -12s, which I absolutely love.
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