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Discussion in 'Home Theater Speaker Kit Information' started by Erich H, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Some guys have used the Impact M4-15 or the Titan-615 flat packs for the 15" Vortex. I'll try to get some more versions made up but the cabinet company that I get them cut at has been busy with other things for a couple months.
  2. Thanks erich. MTG’s tower design from post #3 looks most desirable to me, I’m assuming there’s ports placed on the rear for that enclosure. Maybe Matt still has the prototype dimensions as I’m curious how high up the driver is centered.
  3. That enclosure for the Vortex-15 is 17" wide x 44" tall x 18.5" deep. I used two 4" ports 4" long (flared ones parts express sells) on the rear of the enclosure which tunes it to ~32hz. Driver center is 10.75" down from the top.
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