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  1. Some guys have used the Impact M4-15 or the Titan-615 flat packs for the 15" Vortex. I'll try to get some more versions made up but the cabinet company that I get them cut at has been busy with other things for a couple months.
  2. Thanks erich. MTG’s tower design from post #3 looks most desirable to me, I’m assuming there’s ports placed on the rear for that enclosure. Maybe Matt still has the prototype dimensions as I’m curious how high up the driver is centered.
  3. That enclosure for the Vortex-15 is 17" wide x 44" tall x 18.5" deep. I used two 4" ports 4" long (flared ones parts express sells) on the rear of the enclosure which tunes it to ~32hz. Driver center is 10.75" down from the top.
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  4. I'm getting ready to build enclosures this size and I would like to incorporate a slot port on the front. Can you tell me what size the port should be to achieve similar tuning? Will there be any issues swapping the port from the back to the front?
  5. If you make the port full width (15.5") x 1.5" high x 4" long you should end up with roughly the same tuning. No issue putting it on the front of the cabinet.
  6. Since tower flatpacks for these aren’t in the immediate future, are there any T/S parameters we can use to model sealed vs ported?
  7. I will try to get the T/S parameters posted. I just have to find where I saved that file.
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  8. Hi - can I just check this is correct? When I calculate volume (assuming 3/4" thickness) I get 6.5 cu. Minus perhaps 1/4 cu for ports, driver and braces it still comes out to well over the 5cu suggested volume for the Vortex 15. I see 35hz mentioned for 5cu, and elsewhere 33hz - if the 6cu+ for the extra few hz extension over the 5cu?

    One other question if I may - would making the cabinet 2" wider (and 2" shallower to keep same volume) make and appreciable difference to frequency response?

  9. The flat pack will end a little smaller then my initial prototype cabinet. The smaller cabinet sacrifices just a little bit of extension and low end output. The 15" vortex driver itself works well up past 6cuft tuned to 30-40hz.

    I'd try and keep the baffle width the same if you can. Adjustments there have impacts on the baffle step and diffraction frequencies which have been compensated for in the crossover with the stock baffle width. You could certainly make it 2" wider but know that the response in the lower midrange may just be slightly more uneven then stock, how much worse I can't say.
  10. I think I found the T/S for the 15” from an AVS thread:
    15" Specs:
    Fs: 39.3hz
    QM: 12.12
    Vas: 259.2 liters
    Cms: .249 mm/N
    Mms: 66.1 g
    SD: 856.3 cm^2
    VD: 348.0
    QE: .33
    Re: 5.05 ohms
    Le: 0.60 mH
    Bl: 15.68 Tm
    QT: .33
    SPL: 98.6 1w/1m
    Mmd: 51.7 grams
  11. I get errors with these on WinISD
  12. Enter just
    Qms, Mms, Cms, Re, BL, Le, Sd.

    Xmax = 6mm,
    Pe = 250w
  13. 12" Specs:

    Qms 8.63
    Mms 44.5 g
    Cms 0.294 mm/N
    Re 7.110 Ohm
    BL 17.42 Tm
    Le 0.72 mH
    Sd 532.4 cm^2
    Xmax 6mm
    Pe 250w

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