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  1. You can substitute SVS-Erse 3.5mH 18 AWG coil from Parts Express. It's physically larger, more expensive, and the end will hang over the board, but it should work.
    Try Madisound for the capacitor?
  2. awesome thank you
  3. You can use a pair of 2.0uF caps in parallel to replace the 4.0uF.

    I also posted on AVS forum that I am willing to order some of the larger inductor values and unwind them down to 3.5mH / 2.0mH if there is enough demand. No extra charge, just shipping.
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  4. Do you think there is any issue with making the cabinets into a mild Frustum shape like the Zu Soul?

    Also, after looking at the price of crossover components, it seems like a similar price to go with a MIniDSP for the crossovers. Are there any specific drawbacks with a digital crossover for this type of design?

    Thanks to all! I'm excited to build!
  5. Yes. You’d have to convert what the analog crossover is doing to the digital one and I’m pretty sure that’s not a super straightforward thing to do.
  6. There is a lot of baffle step correction built into the crossover, even if you bypass the 1 mH inductor. A trapezoid with a 17" width at the driver center might be similar to a 17" wide rectangle, but I don't know. To do either a frustum or DSP, I think you would have to be prepared to make measurements and adjustments.

  7. Hello Matt/Erich - I'm still waiting on the next round of Vortex 15 sales. Is it possible to upload a more simplified diagram similar to the attached for crossover instructions. Thank you sir!
    Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 8.48.09 AM.png
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    I thought there would be no more Vortex 15 sales?

    If I remember Matt mentioned he would be selling out of the inventory for the 15 and creating a kit for the Vortex 12"
  9. I recall reading that there would be more Vortex-15s once he receives the next order of compression drivers.
  10. I hope! Maybe it was just the current stock he had that he was trying to get rid of.
  11. It’s a damn shame the bulk of these drivers were sold as closeouts. These are seriously great drivers and I cannot wait to build a cabinet once the cost of birch plywood returns to normal
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  12. I`m with you on the cost of birch. Here in AK it`s running $114 per 4`x8` sheet for 3/4". I just built a second row riser and an ottoman for my HT room, each with an enclosure for an Eminence 21" driver. Eye opening for sure.
  13. ummmm



    just finished dry fitting the center channel and gave it a run

  14. Tell us more??
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    still giving it a run through its paces.The 3 15 Vortex are replacing a PSB C60 and 2 PSB T65's.

    Its not even close to compare them. I have a horrific room where the theater has its left side open to a 800 sq foot basement. That said I still am blown away by the difference and am extremely excited to build the L&R speakers to get a true sense. Just the center channel is a whole new level.

    I have a better measurement mic coming but i did run a sweep and it looked pretty good for someone who has almost no clue what they are doing. For some reason i found that the receiver was running a 3db roll off above 3k hz. So I will run the test again with the new mic and the roll off turned off and put up some pictures.

    I'm a terrible carpenter and an exponentially worse painter. So be nice.
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    Not happy with the paint or finishing but i had to get it in there. On to the L&R!
    Vortex 15.png
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    And done! I'm speechless. still have to re-paint the center channel but i'm probably going to put that off for a while

    Bracing and first part of padding/dampening. I didn't take very many pictures sorry.


    And all done

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  18. Erich/Matt - Any updates when the Vortex will go back on sale?
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  19. Looks like the 15's are all but gone sadly. Hopefully Erich will put some 12's back on the site at some point
  20. There is 6 vortex 15’s on the site right now.
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    I was cruising along in my build and remembered that I forgot to order damping material.

    For a pair of cabinets (17" x 16" x 42"") would 5 lbs of Acustuff be enough? How thick is the material you lined the walls with and would be your material of choice if the denim is out of stock?

    For anyone still looking for crossover parts, check out meniscus audio! They shipped fast and had everything parts express didn't.
  22. I'd use acoustic foam, fiberglass or mineral wool, you probably want about 1.5 - 2" thick material.

    5lbs should be enough for two cabinets.

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