Weight of assembled 88 Special?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Speaker Kit Information' started by Magialisk, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. As in the subject line, I'm trying to get the approximate weight of a fully assembled 88 Special, assuming the use of the flat pack box. The flat pack page has a shipping weight of 26 lbs, but the kit page says N/A for shipping weight. Adding two 8's and a front panel to the flat pack seems like it would be around 40 lbs total, but that sounds really heavy for such a (relatively) small speaker? My floorstanders with dual 8's and a 5-1/4 only weigh ~50 lbs! :) Thank you!
  2. They are actually really heavy for the amount of space they take up...

    Mine weigh in at a shelf-busting 46 pounds each!
  3. Thanks so much for that info. I'm really glad I asked! It was hard to believe they could weigh that much, but I'll just tell myself it's a measure of quality, like amplifiers :)

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