What is the HT-88?

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  1. Erich teased the HT-88 in the inventory thread.

    Is there any more info on this speaker - Even high level? Size, design goals, etc? Spiritual successor to the 88-Special?

    I have two HT-10s in my shopping cart and need to decide on a center channel. Whether I use a 3rd HT-10 or consider the HT-88 (I assume it's shorter... anything else?). Is it worth waiting for, or should I buy 3 HT-10s?
  2. MTM design using the woofers from the HT-8 and the Square SEOS-8 waveguide (same as HTM-1010).

    Size will likely be around 26-28" W x 10"h x ~12" deep.
  3. I thought it was a two woofer center based upon the HT-8 similar to the HTM-1010

    As for your situation, are you building out with an acoustically transparent screen? If so, then there's no reason to not have a center that's identical to left and right. That's one of the big advantages of having an AT setup.

    Edit: ahh, you beat me to it.
  4. No projector or AT screen in the foreseeable future. I like big backlit TVs, and sit around 8-10' back to compensate.

    Matt - Is there any on/off axis data floating around for the waveguide used in the HTM-1010 / HT-88? I've been leery about building this speaker, given how close I sit to the screen and getting a big seat-to-seat variance on the sofa. Maybe I should just stop stressing and do it.
  5. If you are only one sofa wide there won't be much change from the middle seat to the side seats.

    Only really an issue if you have the TV/center channel in the center of one wall of the room and extra seating/couches along the perpendicular sides of the room. Even then it's not like you don't get sound, just a reduction in the level of the midrange.
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  6. Ok, I'm rolling the dice! Ordering the HT-10 now and anxiously awaiting the HT-88. The size is just about perfect.
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  7. Any reason not to use this design for all 3 LCR? Is it still a 2.5 way?
  8. It will likely be a 2 way.
  9. Any updates on this HT-88? Something like this would be perfect for my living room system.

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