What to put into my nice cabinets?

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  1. I have some really nice, hand built cabinets from the sixties. They are walnut (I think) and I'd call the style French Provincial (see old Bozak catalogs). They are currently loaded up with what you'd find in Bozak 302 speakers. The cabinets are actually mid-way in size between what a normal Bozak 302 cabinet would be and what the 305 (with 2 12" woofers) would be. I think they come in at around 5 cubic feet each.

    I have a pair of 12" SEOS waveguides and a pair of DNA 360s that I am considering putting into these cabinets. I also have a pair of JBL 2226H woofers that I had planned to use with them. The problem is that I don't think I can fit them both on the baffle board without at least a bit of the woofer being blocked by the trim on the front of the speaker. Would that be much of a problem? It wouldn't be much, maybe an inch or so. The alternative is to use a 12" woofer. Would I be better off with a 12" that was unobstructed? If so, recommedations for which one would play nice in that box and not need a sub? (I'm not interested in hearing explosions, just music).
  2. I'd just use one of the 2226H woofers then, the XO is already available on the forum too. No need to worry about XO design or that extra woofer getting to close to the edge... Besides, you'd have to go 2.5-way which, believe me from experience, is a pain.
  3. Not sure I was clear. The choice for woofer in this cab is either a 15" (2226H) which will be slightly occluded by the trim that is in front of the baffle board or finding a suitable 12" woofer that won't be occluded. Either way this is a 2-way build.

    As for the XO for the 2226H 2-way. I'm assuming that I'd need something slightly different given that I'd have a different cabinet volume than that XO was tuned for? or would it not make much difference?
  4. Oh ok, I thought you were trying either 1 2226 or 2 2226. You might get some diffraction causing some issues, but hard to know without better dimensions and details.

    The box volume wouldn't matter. Best to use a XO that's designed with measurements and well thought acoustic considerations.
  5. Alright, I looked at my cabinets again. The trim overhangs the top of the baffle board and not really the bottom. I only have about 19" verticle inches of unobstructed baffle board to work with so I don't think the 15" will fit in there with the SEOS-12. I will try a 12" woofer. I'd like to try and forego the use of a sub (again, this I am building for music listening, not HT). These cabs are fairly large at ~ 24x22x16, almost 5 ft^3 or ~ 140 liters. I'm no expert on box design, I'm just plugging in numbers in WinISD online. The DeltaLite 2512 looks like it could really be excellent in there, pretty flat with F3 at ~ 40Hz. The Designer-12 also looks like it could do well in there and get real low but not nearly as sensitive. The TD15M looks like it could do alright there too but at more than 2X the price. Any other suggestions? Any compelling case for something other than the DeltaLite 2512?
  6. You may find 40Hz to be a little weak in the bottom end without a subwoofer. You can cheat some with bass boost but the 2512 (or 2226/2206 or AE TDM 12/15) just doesn't doesn't dig deep. I have the AE TD15M in 5 ft^3 cabs in the living room so I know what you will be missing.

    I would think real hard about splitting the cabinet into two compartments - ~1/2 for a 10 or 12 to go the SEOS and the the other half for a decent but inexpensive 12" subwoofer like the Infinity 1260w. We're not talking earthquake territory but something that gets you into the mid-20's will put a big smile on your face. This is real easy if your cabs have legs and you make the subwoofer down-firing.

  7. Hmm, that would be doable though I would like to keep things simple. But for music (not organ music and not too much electronica) isn't 40Hz usually considered reasonable?? Low E on a bass guitar is 41Hz. I really don't use this (upstairs) system for TV or Movies enough to give much thought anything other than music. If I really need the theater experience I can go downstairs...where I have a projector and Snell A/iii that dig deep enough...and are almost never used. I also have a powered sub that I can throw into the mix upstairs with this proposed SEOS / DeltaLite build.

  8. That's why I said "may" be a little weak. ;) No worries if you have a powered sub to experiment with.

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