What's the best way to wall mount a Volt 6?

Discussion in 'DIY Speakers and Subwoofers' started by scary, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. The only option I can see right now, is keyhole brackets from Home Depot or whatever. I want to screw into a stud, and I want the speaker to stay flush to the wall. Simple job, but I'm sure one of you has a cool method.
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    Nice! Did you spray them or they came in white?

    How did you do your grill covers?
  3. Thanks, sugarbear. I used a rattle can on the brackets. The grills were made with 5mm Luan from Home Depot (6 bucks) I stuck the fabric on with a hot glue gun. Those round overs don't leave you much room, but good enough for where they are mounted.
    Did you build your towers?
  4. Hi haven't built the towers yet - I just finished assembling my volts last night, which are ready for sanding, priming, painting and adding the grills. I bought some grills from Parts Express that fit perfectly but I wish I got the baffle with no roundover. I'm working on the F8 Center concurrently but the towers are baffles only (no flat pack) so I'm taking my time figuring out what to do with those.
  5. I didn't know those grills were available - looks like the perfect solution. Keep us posted on the towers - do you have a table saw?
  6. No table saw. No router. I'm hunting around to see where I can get my hands on one if only for a short while. There are cabinet-makers here (Bermuda) so that's an option.

    I'm currently considering cutting the roundover part of the baffle off and attaching pieces to make a fully flat baffle. We'll see...
  7. You could cut off the round-overs, and then mount the baffle inside the walls of the cabinet. Just cut 3/4" off each edge, and build the box 3/4" deeper. Simple, if you can access a table saw. But you could do it if you clamp a guide to the baffle for your skill saw to follow.
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  8. Nice! Good option. Better option than I was considering. Thanks, man.

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