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  1. Greetings! I need some help picking out a diysg kit for my 10X20X8h room. They will be used about 50/50 music and ht but my main focus is on music. I'm not that picky about movie sound. I listen to many kinds of music but I really want something that can do justice to big band, orchestra and rock. The fusion 8's seem like the best deal but I've read where they are picky about the source. One guy said he couldn't listen to any Led Zeppelin with them. I was ready to buy until I read that. Now I'm looking at the Marksman and Marksman high output. I doubt I need the high output but wondering if the better woofer is worth it at lower levels. Even though the Marksman cost more than the fusion 8, I might not need a sub so about the same (I'll probably add a sub in the future anyway knowing me:) ). Any input is appreciated.
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    Well it seems I've posted on a forum that time and most peoples forgot. Has no one heard Led Zeppelin on fusion 8's other than the one guy I referenced? Anyone? Robots?

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