Why does the magnum 12 sound so good?

Discussion in 'Speaker Components' started by Mark Bushinski, Oct 16, 2020 at 12:36 PM.

  1. So I've only had the magnum 12 for a couple of weeks but I am really impressed. I've got it in a 60liter box with a 20hz passive radiator tuning.

    I've been running a thread on diyaudio comparing 12" subwoofers and the magnum is such a different beast.

    I mainly listen for a separation of drums and bass guitar in the 50hz-100hz range and the magnum does this right.

    So i'm wondering if we can learn from the t/s parameters of this driver as to why it performs so well.

    Like is it the low LE? I've listened to a AE IB15ht that was lower. More impact with the magnum but IBs are in a weird setup.

    Is is the low MMS? Winisd calculates a MMS of 80grams.

    Is it the high QMS that lets the QES control the cone? I've listened to Dayton RS 12" with low QMS and they were unlistenable to me, kick drum hits sounded like mush.

    Or maybe it's the giant impedance peak in the heart of midbass and gaint coil resulting in low compression?
  2. I'm interested in the flex 12 design as well. Thread on avs seems to have disappeared. Can this be built in the Kuda 12 flatpack?
  3. Timer, It'll work in the Kuda 12, personally I would tune a little higher like maybe 25hz. Great driver!

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